Paratus Zambia launches cloud services portal


Paratus Zambia, a leading digital services provider, has launched its innovative cloud platform, featuring a user-friendly portal that streamlines the acquisition and management of cloud and domain services.  This new portal will revolutionize the way businesses and SMEs access and manage cloud services by offering unparalleled convenience and control.  It cuts through complex technological issues to provide easy, quick, and simple access, and payment for, cloud and domain services.

As an online cloud platform with a portal, the new Paratus Cloud Services Portal allows customers to easily sign up and manage a suite of locally hosted cloud services, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS or Virtual Servers) with both Windows or Linux operating systems; web services; email hosting; and domain registration/management services.

A cloud services portal does what its name implies:  it is the centralised gateway to the Paratus cloud, allowing users to upload data to servers via an internet connection, where it is saved on a virtual machine on a physical server. Paratus Zambia is offering this user-friendly platform to empower Zambian businesses with simple, centralized control over their ICT needs.

“Giving our customers more flexibility and a sophisticated range of options is the key offering here,” explains Marius van Vuuren, Country Manager of Paratus Zambia. “With lower latencies and convenience at their fingertips, businesses can manage their ICT services securely and easily from anywhere and at any time.”

Added to this, businesses will have ultimate power and control because they can select the cloud services that suit their needs and budgets and customise these services according to their requirements.  In addition, Paratus Zambia provides unparalleled customer support, ensuring that every user can navigate and utilize the full spectrum of cloud services with confidence and ease.

Van Vuuren adds: “In an era when data protection is paramount, the Paratus Cloud Services Portal is a timely solution for businesses. It offers a seamless path to compliance, ahead of the impending implementation of the Data Protection Act. Our new cloud services portal will appeal not only to any big business or SME, but also to small business owners who need cloud services for both their professional and personal use. We have removed the financial burden of purchasing and maintaining physical servers, and we have also eradicated delays, offering immediate access to our ‘infrastructure-as-a-service’ solution. This allows businesses to compete effectively and digitally both here in Zambia and on the global stage.”

To celebrate the launch of the portal, Paratus Zambia is offering a 10% discount for 3 months on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) services, subject to sign-off.


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