Outstanding order for LOESCHE in their 110th year. At a stroke Sinoma CDI orders 18 LOESCHE vertical roller mills for cement works Beni Suef.


LOESCHE’s sophisticated delivery schedule allows the general contractor Sinoma CDI to at once build 6 clinker production lines within only 18 months of construction and ensures the operator of the new cement plant Beni Suef a quick market access.

 Beni Suef – For the new cement plant Beni Suef LOESCHE will in total deliver the sum of 18 new vertical roller mills to the Egyptian Ministry of Defence. It is planned to build six new production lines with a total daily capacity of 36,000 tons of cement clinker until the end of 2017.

To realize this project, LOESCHE will deliver the vertical roller mills.. The raw mill with a capacity of 500 t/h will be applied for the grinding of cement raw material to a fineness of 12% R 90 μm. The six powerful cement mills which will have a throughput of 350 t/h each are installed for the grinding of cement clinker to a fineness of 3,200 Blaine in the step of the process. The six LOESCHE coal mills will be in operation for the grinding of coal to a fineness of 10 % R 90 μm.

Outstanding is the fact that at a stroke 6 lines with a daily total capacity of 6,000 t were ordered for only one cement plant with the challenge of taking up operation in the second half of 2017. These requirements place high demands on the delivery time of the mill components. Thanks to their long-standing experiences from a variety of fast-track-projects LOESCHE could carry conviction to the Ministry of Defence and assure the expected quick market entry with an elaborated plan of delivery.

This impressive order tops off the 110 years of LOESCHE and clearly underlines the strong clients’ trust that LOESCHE has gained in their long history with more than 3,000 remarkable references.

Belonging to Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd., the renowned specialists for the planning of cement plants, Chengdu Design & Research is operating as the contract partner in this project. Both the general contractor as well as the end user were convinced that LOESCHE cement mills will produce cement of highest quality. This will help to cover the increasing cement demand of the public as well as the private sector and the mining industry. Moreover, the state-of-the art technology will improve the competitiveness of the operator as the plant can be operated with the lowest possible specific energy consumption.

On account of the new plant in Beni Suef, what is more, a considerable number of prosperous jobs will be created and available for the people in the region

Long before, the Ministry of Defence had the opportunity to acquire positive experiences with LOESCHE mills in the cement plant El Arish where for some years two LOESCHE raw mills are operating successfully. This smooth operation led to another order for two more mills for the grinding of cement raw material two years ago.

At that point, the Ministry of Defence decided again in favor of LOESCHE vertical roller mills, odering two big mills for the grinding of cement at the El Arish cement plant which meanwhile were installed and put into operation meeting all expectations. These energy efficient mills are like all other LOESCHE vertical roller mills designed for the grinding of cement in the position to produce a large variety of cement qualities.

For the Ministry of Defence one important aspect is the possibility to react flexible to the changing requirements of the market that does not only call for common OPC cements but also for a number of different cement types with a large range of additives and variety of product finenesses.

Another plus: by consequently implementing mills designed and delivered by LOESCHE, in the future the Ministry of Defence moreover will cash in on an efficient spare parts pooling, operating 24 LOESCHE mills throughout Egypt.

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