Orica’s Lead-free detonator Exel™ Neo ready for delivery


Orica,a leading global mining and infrastructure solutions company, is excited to announce that its lead-free detonator Exel™ Neo is ready for delivery, with the first orders shipped from our production facility in Sweden today.

Orica announced the launch of Exel™ Neo non-electric detonator range in September 2023, to address the market need for environmentally friendly initiation systems.

The Neo range of Exel™ non-electric detonators uses a safer and more sustainable lead-free formulation in the detonator, including in the pyrotechnic delay elements, and is made at our state-of-the-art plant at Gyttorp, Sweden.

The Exel™ Neo range can be used in quarry and construction projects, underground and surface mining operations. The product performs with the same precision levels as Orica’s standard Exel™ detonators, tested by an accredited laboratory as part of the CE certification process (including for the timing delay accuracy and scatter patterns).

The Exel™ Neo non-electric range incorporates the proven Non-Primary Explosives Detonator (NPED) technology, which Orica has successfully used for the last 30 years.
Besides being the industry’s first lead-free product, the Exel™ Neo range is made in Sweden which is close to Orica’s customer base in Europe.

We thank our customers for their support in conducting trials across Europe in the last few months and invite other customers to experience the newest generation of Exel™ detonators in their operations.

To find out more, visit Exel™ Neo or talk to your local sales representative.


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