New FQ2 sensor redefines the vision system market


The FQ vision sensor family provides advanced inspection, code reading and verification capabilities previously only available in higher-end vision systems.

With improved performance and expanded functionality, the new FQ2 addresses market requirements for an easy-to-use vision sensor that can address more complex applications. “The FQ2 truly defines a new standard in image inspection and code verification,” comments Omron Vision specialist Josh Hodgkinson.

Due to its compact design, the FQ2 can fit easily into confined spaces. Unlike conventional vision sensors with multiple components, it is available in a single, all-in-one package. In addition, the FQ2 supports a diverse range of inspection items, including shape search, colour inspection, OCR, code reading and verification.

Multiple inspection and positioning tasks can be performed using a single sensor. For example, the position of an entire tray of ICs can be adjusted on the image itself prior to inspection. This saves time by reducing the work needed to boost the positioning accuracy. As the sensor can measure angles of rotation and other positional information, it can also be used for positioning.

Searches can be carried out to detect items such as labels, and to identify shapes or positions. Shape searches generally run into difficulties when it comes to an overlap or 360° rotation. However, the FQ2 achieves high-speed (up to ten times faster) stable searching of any shapes that match the model. Multiple searches can be performed simultaneously, which enables inspection of a group of items, such as in a tray, or for picking applications.

Distorted or unclear printing due to conveyor-line conditions poses no problem for the FQ2.Stable and fast character reading is assured thanks to the new OCR method and built-in dictionary. Furthermore, character verification and label-position inspection can both be performed with one FQ2 sensor, reducing costs further and saving space.

A wide choice of sensors is available to match precise requirements. While all-in-one sensors tend to have a limited field of view, Omron offers a line-up of integrated sensors from 7.5 mm up to 240 mm for a range of different applications.

A side-viewing wide-angle camera takes images and performs inspections across a wide area, even if the camera is close to the workpiece, which makes this sensor the perfect choice for locations with limited space. It also enables the sensor to be installed alongside an assembly line without protruding from the side of the conveyor belt.

Sensors with C-mount lenses enable freedom of lens selection for longer distances (over 1 m) and narrow fields of view (under 1 mm) not covered by integrated sensors. This sensor is also ideal when external illumination is used.

The FQ2 sensor includes communication interfaces for compatibility with a range of host devices. This helps reduce the design work required for data communications between the sensor and a PLC. In addition, the PLC link slashes the time and effort required to create ladder programs.

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