New Appointment at BME

Ralf Hennecke, BME’s Managing Director for SADC

Ralf Hennecke has been appointed JSE-listed Omnia Group company BME’s Managing Director for SADC.

A mining engineer with years of production experience in the mines of South Africa’s erstwhile mining houses Rand Mines and JCI, Hennecke joined the Omnia Group in 1995 with a key technical role in explosives and has been a member of BME’s Executive Committee since 2001. He earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2005.

Hennecke held the role of General Manager: Customer Commercial and Marketing between 2015 and 2019, when he took on the position of General Manager: Marketing and Technology. He leads a range of functions within BME, including Global Blasting Science, Global Underground Business, Global Product Management, and Global Marketing and Branding.

He also heads up the company’s activities in Global Software Development and Technology, and Global AXXIS Electronic Development and Marketing. Ralf plays a role in Global Corporate Development and Strategy as well as Commercial Delegation of Authority and is a Director of a number of BME’s African business entities.


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