Net-zero emission uranium production at Tiris, Mauritania advances

Net-zero emission uranium production at Tiris, Mauritania advances

Net-zero emission uranium production at Tiris in Mauritania is advancing. Aura Energy announced that initial study of Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions undertaken by consulting group Wood Group now complete, clearly defining a net-zero emission pathway for the project.

The total baseline GHG emissions from the Tiris definitive feasibility study (DFS) were calculated at 16 600 t of carbon dioxide equivalent a year, representing about 0.15% of the total GHG emissions of Mauritania yearly. This reinforces Tiris as a source of uranium products with low GHG emissions, enhancing the positive emission reduction potential and sustainability of nuclear energy.

“We are strongly committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and aims to create real and lasting benefits and societal impact through low-emission uranium production at Tiris,” said acting CEO Dr Will Goodall.

Net-zero emission pathway

The study by Wood defines a net-zero emission pathway for Tiris through the extended provision of renewable power generation to meet the majority of power needs and reduce emissions associated with stationary combustion (diesel generators). Moreover, it indicates that further reductions can be achieved by making use of lower global warming potential alternative refrigerants in buildings and vehicles. Residual emissions following these interventions are assessed to equal about 30% of the initial baseline.

Discussions with the government of Mauritania, Societe Mauritanienne d’Electricite and United Nations partners focus on potential direct investment in national projects to offset residual emissions (in preference to accessing the voluntary carbon market).

“We are very pleased to have completed the first phase of the net-zero emissions study, with the emission study clearly defining a net-zero pathway, as Aura continues to transition from a uranium explorer to a uranium producer. As countries globally strive to meet net-zero emission targets, we believe nuclear energy is the leading solution to decarbonisation,” said Dr Goodall.


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