Multotec obtains ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications, demonstrating commitment to occupational health and safety and environmental stewardship

03 Multotec is committed to reducing energy consumption through extensive solar installation

Multotec is proud to announce that it recently attained the esteemed ISO 45001:2017 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications for Occupational Health and Safety management systems and Environmental management systems, respectively. The company obtained the certifications following a rigorous three-year process, reflecting its continuous pursuit of excellence in occupational health and safety and environmental stewardship.

This is according to Multotec Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager Denise de Beer, who explains that obtaining the ISO 45001 certification demonstrates the company’s dedication to the well-being of its employees and stakeholders by implementing robust safety measures. Similarly, she notes, obtaining the ISO 14001 certification reflects Multotec’s efforts to operate sustainably and reduce its carbon footprint.

“These certifications signify our adherence to international standards, fostering trust among our stakeholders, enhancing organisational resilience, and aligning us with global best practices in health, safety, and environmental management.

Systematic approach

Aligning Multotec’s existing health and safety system with the requirements of ISO 45001 involved a systematic approach to ensure that policies and procedures met the standard, and de Beer says only relatively small changes were required to ensure ISO 45001 requirements were met.

“We performed a gap analysis comparing our existing safety management system against the requirements of ISO 45001. This assisted us in ensuring all requirements had been addressed. We reviewed our existing safety documentation, policies and procedures and updated or created new documents as necessary to meet ISO 45001 requirements.”

However, de Beer says obtaining the ISO 14001 certification proved more challenging, due to a lack of awareness or understanding of environmental issues among employees, making compliance with environmental regulations and meeting the ISO 14001 requirements complex in certain areas.

“We provided awareness sessions to secure buy-in from the various managers and employees, ensuring that they embrace environmental responsibility. This can sometimes be quite difficult because people don’t always realise the extent of all the aspects that are involved in this process,” she says.

“It was also challenging to ensure uniformity and that we do things the right way throughout the entire group of Multotec companies, each of which have their own way of operating. We also had to instil and sustain a culture of continuous improvement, which is one of the fundamental principles of ISO 14001.”

Reducing its footprint

In line with the ISO 45001 certification and its efforts to reduce the company’s environmental footprint, Multotec has installed solar panels on the roofs of its various manufacturing facilities which assist in reducing overall energy consumption. In addition, the group has also implemented waste reduction initiatives by encouraging recycling, which includes the placement of bins in various areas around its premises and employee education on waste segregation and disposal.

De Beer notes that the successful attainment of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification was a collaborative effort involving both employees and management and is a massive achievement for the company.

“Our employees played a crucial role in the success of the certifications by actively engaging in the process and increasing their awareness of environmental and safety considerations, which included understanding the importance of compliance with the ISO standards,” she says.

“Management led by example by demonstrating a commitment to environmental and safety standards and encouraging employees to follow suit. Their commitment was crucial to creating a culture that values these aspects and prioritises compliance with ISO standards across the Multotec group.”

The acquisition of these certifications holds the potential to deliver augmented value across all sectors of the company. Multotec places importance on both the well-being of its staff and the enduring sustainability of the environment and the certifications mark a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence in these areas.


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