Multione Compact Articulated mining loaders


Supplier of compact multipurpose diggers, loaders and attachments, MultiOne South Africa (SA) has introduced several new loader models and attachments to the underground mining industry this year. The new attachments include lift platforms, sweeping attachments and forklift attachments with grabs for underground transportation and materials handling.

The MultiOne mini loader was first introduced at a leading gold mining group in South Africa in 2008 to establish its durability and the safety aspects of clean-up operations. Thereafter, the MultiOne  Series mini loader was fitted with various custom additions, as one of the major focus areas was to incorporate the machine within the limitations of the mine profile, while still maintaining its performance capabilities.

The mini loader was initially used for crosscut cleaning, spillage loading and revamping applications in underground mining, owing to its size, power-to-weight ratio, ability to handle heavy loads at a higher level and reach than its competitors and durability in reducing operational downtime.

The application for the under- ground mining environment was later expanded, owing to the range of attachments that were developed and released for the MultiOne mini loaders.

The articulated loaders in the Multi-One range is small, but smaller in this case means better. With a steering wheel, tyres filled with polyurethane, reverse beeping and the necessary pedals, and fail safe brakes as well as Rops and Fops protection canopies to fit under 1.8 meters, it has all the features that come with a transport and tool carrier solution.

What makes the machine unique is its “snap-on” hydraulic attachments, and the diverse range of attachments that come with it, which provides a cost-efficient solution that can serve many objectives in an underground mining operation.

“There is a fair amount of work that goes into the machine before it can go underground,” said van Wyk, “it needs an approved fire suppression system, proper mining approved lighting, reflective taping, fume diluters, exhaust purification systems, strobe lighting etc…

You can also take off the canopy to fit in the haulages where there is a height restriction.

The machine can be fitted with some 170 different attachments, all with different functions.

It is a solution driven machine that can be used in critical mining applications such as spillage loading, cross cut cleaning, mud rush environments, trenching, digging and dumping.

Although utilised for loading primarily there are other very popular applications, such as the hydraulic breaker attachment.  Superior ground clearance and traction control make these machines unique in the underground environment.

Because the machine is small it is cheap to maintain, although the machines are sold with a solid maintenance contract. Small machines also mean that parts are easy to carry.”

Just some of the many attachments include:

  • Buckets of all shapes and sizes
  • Clamps
  • Collecting Brooms
  • Trailers
  • Pallet forks with hose clamps
  • Cutter crushers
  • Trenchers
  • Cement mixers
  • Telescopic lifting poles
  • Winches
  • Dumpers
  • Rippers
  • Backhoes

Further, MultiOne SA has also developed a tilt adaptor for attachments working on sloped terrain and closed cabs with air- conditioners for dusty environments.

The company says that it is also finalising the design of a universal sweeping attachment for use in underground mining applications.

MultiOne SA supplies the MultiOne 6,7,8,9 and 10 series of diggers and mini loaders with about 170 attachments for applications such as digging, construction, property maintenance, farming, landscaping and wood processing as well as surface and underground mining applications.

The MultiOne  Series mini-loader comes standard with boom extension, boom self- levelling and drive release. The custom additions and retrofits required to make the mini loaders compliant with the safety requirements of underground mines’ mining applications included the addition of engine protection systems, reverse hooters, strobe lights, light-emitting diode lights, fire suppression equipment, polyurethane-filled tyres, stronger cylinders and controls, bigger buckets, tyre chains and electronic park brakes.

Besides cleaning between rail tracks, the mini loaders, when fitted with a suitable attachment, can also undertake rock breaking, roof bolting, revamping, materials handling and cleaning of box holes, as well as for forklift applications on surface and plant clean-ups.

The mini loaders can now also be used for support drilling, when fitted with a customised drifter attachment. The Multione operations are based in Boksburg Gauteng and the company can be contacted on or for custom mining loaders.


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