Mining: Namibia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy Officially Endorses Energy Invest: Namibia 2023

Produced by Energy Capital & Power, the Energy Invest: Namibia 2023 investment report will explore the country’s resource and energy potential as Africa’s next big oil and gas frontier


The Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia has officially endorsed Energy Invest: Namibia 2023 – the official investment report for Namibia’s gas, petroleum, power and mining sectors – produced by Energy Capital & Power (ECP) .

The publication will serve as a comprehensive investment guide to Namibia’s resource and energy potential through first-hand analysis, quantitative research and exclusive interviews with the country’s leading public and private sector players.

“We are thrilled to receive the official endorsement of the Ministry of Mines and Energy for the first edition of Energy Invest: Namibia 2023. This publication represents a strategic component of the country’s broader campaign to showcase its most promising investment opportunities and forge regional and global partnerships with leading players in the sector. The Namibian government has been taking an active role in driving FDI flows into the country, and this initiative exemplifies the extent to which it wants to grow its private sector,” says ECP Chairperson Kelly-Ann Mealia.

Energy Invest: Namibia 2023 takes place following a string of historic Orange Basin discoveries over the past year, extensive renewable sector developments – particularly in the field of green hydrogen – and the construction of large-scale power generation and transmission projects. The expansion of commercial mining activities – which accounts for roughly 10% of Namibia’s GDP – has seen recent agreements signed for the export of Namibia’s rare earth minerals to the European Union, as well as the development of new cobalt and lithium mining projects by Chinese and Australian developers.

Namibia is home to one of the most attractive and stable regulatory environments in Africa and has drawn significant interest from Western firms, including TotalEnergies, Shell, ReconAfrica, ExxonMobil and Chevron – who entered Namibia’s deepwater PEL 90 license  last October – to its upstream acreage. As a result, the country is expected to witness dramatic new value creation over the next decade on the back of energy and extractive sector development.

The 120-page publication will explore key trends and investment opportunities in hydrocarbon, mining, renewable energy, power and associated downstream industries, while also featuring strategic support sectors such as financial services, logistics and telecommunications. The official endorsement from the Ministry of Mines and Energy will allow ECP to gain exclusive access to Namibia’s national and international oil companies, service providers and government officials.

If you wish to participate in Energy Invest: Namibia 2023, please contact ECP Senior Director James Chester


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