Micromine celebrates industry Rock Stars to announce latest updates


Micromine, the world leader in next-generation technology for mining, has announced its annual event, Micromine Momentum, will stream live and exclusively on 26 October 2023.

Now in its fourth year, this year’s edition is themed Rock Stars and will celebrate the influencers and technologies inspiring the current and future generations in the mining industry.

“Micromine Momentum is a proven platform for global leaders and experts to explore the initiatives shaping the industry with thought-provoking discussions,” said Micromine CEO Andrew Birch.

“This year, we are incredibly honoured to have three speakers join us, each Rock Star in their own way, headline the event to share their journey,” added Birch.

The selected Rock Stars opening the event will be mining engineer and author Mark Bowater. Mark has 35 years of industry experience, and his commitment to reshaping the future of mine planning culminated in the creation of his groundbreaking book ‘Crimes Against Mine Planning’.

Taking the stage next is Cory Rockwell, who was catapulted into the limelight by documenting his work in underground mining on TikTok. His videos have become very popular – 140,000 followers and an astounding 200 million views – and have inspired some people to begin a career in mining.

And lastly, with over 600,000 followers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Cate Larsen, known as the Groovy Geologist, is a geo-communicator utilising the connective power of the internet to bring geology education to the masses, ranging from kindergarteners to retirees.

Concluding the event, Micromine will present its highly anticipated 2024 Release, featuring the latest advancements across its comprehensive product suite. This year’s highlights encompass cutting-edge innovations and capabilities that are sure to reshape the mining industry:

  •  Ushering a new era of data-driven success, Micromine Nexus now powers a groundbreaking functionality that harnesses machine learning to generate lightning-fast grade models within Micromine Origin, resulting in an advanced neural network architecture that analyses complex geological data.
  •  Micromine Geobank can now automate the creation of depth-correlated core images to help bridge the gap between visual data and geological understanding.
  • Building upon its world-first electric haulage modelling capability released earlier in the year, Micromine Alastri now provides users with robust decarbonisation strategies that describe what the mine of the future looks like in practice.
  • A broader set of tools will be announced for Micromine Beyond’s strategic scheduling and blast design solution and Micromine Spry’s modern coal and soft rock mine planning solution.
  • A significantly reduced data extraction and manipulation time with Micromine Pitram for better shift progress tracking and a clearer view of every operational step.

“Growth is one of the four pillars underpinning our company’s success. Micromine is always elevating our distinctive capabilities, enabling users to actualise the advantages of time savings, increased confidence, and sustained competitiveness in the digital age. We will unveil these exciting new products during the event, reaffirming our commitment to be the benchmark in mining technology,” said Birch.

Micromine is celebrating its 37th anniversary on a high note with its most influential Micromine Momentum event. For more information, visit –momentum.micromine.com/register


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