Metso reintroduces OtoVentTM technology for efficient quenching of off-gas


Metso is reintroducing the OtoVentTM off-gas treatment technology for the quenching of various types of off-gases in non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgical processes and in oil, gas and chemical plants. OtoVentTM technology is used, for example, at the most modern copper smelters.

OtoVentTM has high quenching and pre-dedusting capability, and the design ensures minimum maintenance effort. The compact size makes it suitable for both greenfield and brownfield installations and it is an exceptional replacement for existing quenchers.

“We are excited to reintroduce OtoVentTM. The Venturi-shape design ensures complete cooling of gas, effectively protecting downstream equipment. In addition, it ensures excellent pre-dedusting. Thanks to the compact equipment design, maintenance needs are minimized,” explains Leif Skilling, Director, Gas Cleaning at Metso.

Metso has extensive experience in Gas Cleaning Plant design and construction, developed over several decades and enhanced by the company’s continued activities in the research and development of the process.

Benefits of OtoVentTM

  • High-efficiency quenching for reliable protection of downstream equipment
  • Suitable for highly corrosive gases and temperatures up to 1200°C
  • Effective pre-dedusting and impurity removal
  • Easy to maintain with low lifecycle costs
  • Customizable for different processes and plant arrangements
  • Compact footprint

Metso experts can provide support during commissioning of the OtoVentTM technology and assist with comprehensive training for operators and management to ensure that the maximum benefits of the system are realized. Technical support and service can be provided as part of a service agreement.

More information about the OtoVentTM off-gas treatment technology is available on our website.


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