Metso launches upgraded Evaporative Cooling Tower, a furnace dry gas cleaning solution with efficient cooling and excellent process control

Evaporative Cooling Tower,

Metso is launching the upgraded Evaporative Cooling Tower, an efficient dry gas cleaning solution designed to cool down hot furnace off-gases by means of evaporation. The Evaporative Cooling Tower, which is normally followed by a hot electrostatic precipitator or a bag filter, cools the gas from about 600-700 °C to about 200-350 °C. The tower operates dry, meaning that all water added is evaporated. The small droplets in the tower evaporate rapidly, which reduces the retention time and length needed to ensure complete evaporation.

“We are excited to introduce the enhanced Metso Evaporative Cooling Tower. Its unique design enables efficient and even cooling. We have many decades of experience with cooling towers, and we have now improved both the design and the process control. The advanced model-based automatic control, for instance, allows for accurate control of cooling during startup and varying process conditions; this is important for protecting both the tower and the downstream equipment,” explains Leif Skilling, Director, Gas Cleaning at Metso.

Benefits of the Metso Evaporative Cooling Tower

  • Controllable outlet temperature coupled with advanced model-based automatic control for startup and varying process conditions
  • The even temperature profile reduces the risk of condensation, protecting the tower and downstream equipment from corrosion
  • Efficient gas distribution by means of guiding vanes in the inlet
  • Rapid liquid evaporation of small droplets through the use of atomizing air
  • A large turn-down ratio and lower air consumption can be achieved in the tower design through the selection of nozzles and number of headers

Metso has 60 years of experience with evaporative cooling towers and about 30 units sold. This extensive knowledge is incorporated in the new version of the Metso Evaporative Cooling Tower.

The Evaporative Cooling Tower can treat gases from any type of metallurgical furnace. It has commonly been used for example with Peirce Smith converters and anode furnaces. In addition to the furnaces, Metso can also supply excellent hood systems for the gas uptake, where, e.g., the converter hood system provides adjustable dilution air intake, giving the operator control of both gas composition and temperature.

More information about the Evaporative Cooling Tower is available on our website.


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