Metso launches modular FIT and Foresight conveyors for fast set-up and increased productivity

Metso Foresight overland conveyor

Metso is launching productized FIT™ in-plant and Foresight™ overland conveyors for reliable material transportation in the mining industry. The standardized conveyor modules and premium components offer high capacity and layout flexibility as well as substantial savings in time and resources, from feasibility and design to implementation, thereby enabling higher lifetime productivity. 

The high-capacity Metso Foresight™ overland conveyors are fixed or relocatable and connect the primary crushing station with the coarse ore stockpile. The Metso FIT™ in-plant conveyors are compatible with Metso FIT™ crushing plants that are designed for the most demanding mining applications.  

“The modular FIT™ and Foresight™ conveyors take project ease, speed and productivity to the next level. We have designed these conveyors for easier planning, configuration, installation and maintenance with a wide range of modules and components. This enables our mining customers to get their in-plant and overland conveying systems up and running faster and brings a quicker return on investment,” says Guillaume Lambert, SVP, Crushing at Metso.

Metso FIT in-plant conveyor

“Thanks to the standardized modular design of the conveyors, we have been able to shorten delivery time by up to 25% and set-up time by up to 15%. Metso premium components are used in the conveyors, and the use of ConveyInsights™ predictive maintenance and flow control technology can help our customers achieve their productivity targets. To improve the feasibility study process on Foresight™ overland conveyors, we developed the William Conveyor Explorer, an application software that is connected to our conveyor module range. It can be found in the new Metso Crush and Convey Resource Center. Our mining and EPC/M customers can enter their process and route data and then instantly assess multiple options and download the modules they need for efficient planning in their software environment. This development also supports mine electrification programs to reach fast decarbonization plans and targets,” notes Lambert. 

To ensure continuous conveyor performance, Metso can provide a wide scope of services ranging from optimization and life-cycle services to premium wear and spare parts. Metso has installed over 1,000km of conveyors globally. 

More information about Metso Foresight™ and FIT™ conveyors is available on our website


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