MAXAM presents the X-BLASTERGUIDE, its new mobile application to help improve productivity and safety in blasting operations

  • This pocket guide allows users to make blasting calculations, access product information and view safety perimeters on satellite images of the land, among other features.
  • It is available for free for Android and iOS devices and users can register in order to access the most advanced features.

MAXAM, a global technology company specialised in the design, development, manufacture and application of energetic materials, presents its new X-BLASTERGUIDE, a mobile application designed to help field engineers and shotfirers. This digital guide allows fast and easy access to blasting parameter calculations, as well as useful reference data, MAXAM product information, and their user guides.

The X-BLASTERGUIDE also has specific safety features for loading explosives and blasting operations, a priority for MAXAM. For example, the application includes a risk assessment with a checklist of safety aspects that must be checked before, during and after any blasting, including lessons learned and best practices developed by the company in operations in more than 50 countries.

Another new feature which will benefit those who download the application is the calculations tool and graphic display of safety perimeters. According to the blasting characteristics, the X-BLASTERGUIDE creates the exclusion areas for teams and people on a satellite image of the land, with the option to save and export this image. Similarly, the user’s location and other points of interest can be marked on the same view, in order to measure the distances and angles between them.

The X-BLASTERGUIDE means a further step in our strategy to digitalise data collection, analysis and use in operations. The aim was to create a user-friendly tool, incorporating all the most common calculations and data that a shotfirers may need in an operation to perform an efficient and, above all, safe blasting. This tool provides everyone with part of the knowledge accumulated by our experts in projects all around the world”, explains Vicente Huélamo, Technical Applications Director at MAXAM.

The application is available for free for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the corresponding market sites of each platform. However, users will need to complete a simple registration in order to access all its features. In addition, the company has created a user manual available online.


  • Calculation tools for various blasting parameters, in metric and British units, with explanatory information on the formulas used.
  • Complete, fast and efficient unit converter.
  • “Clipboard” feature to move data and results between the different sections on the application.
  • MAXAM products user guide.
  • Useful terminology and data query.
  • Calculation and representation of safety zones on a satellite view of the area.
  • Measure distances and angles between points on the land set by the user.
  • Inclinometer.
  • Risk assessment form, that can be signed and exported in pdf format.
  • Fumes classification.
  • Tool to produce graphic reports for each blasting.
  • Direct link to MAXAM global product finder.
  • Available in English and Spanish, selectable by the user.
  • Very user-friendly and easy navigation.


MAXAM is a global technology company, specialised in the design, development, manufacture and application of energetic materials. It structures its activity into four business units: blasting solutions for mining, quarries and civil engineering; cartridges and gunpowder for sport shooting and hunting; products and systems for the defence and security sector; and raw material production vital in nitro chemical activity.

Founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872, MAXAM currently has more than 6,500 employees in 5 continents, 80 production facilities, subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and business operations in more than 100 countries. The company closed the 2018 tax year (31 March 2018) with a turnover of 1,14 billion euros.


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