Life of Mine Plan for Sissingué Gold Mine & Satellite Deposits updated

Life of Mine Plan for Sissingué Gold Mine & Satellite Deposits updated

Perseus Mining Limited has updated its Life of Mine Plan (“LOMP”) for its Sissingué Gold Mine (“SGM”) and satellite deposits, Fimbiasso and Bagoé, in Côte d’Ivoire (collectively “Sissingué”).

“The Sissingué Gold Mine has been an important part of Perseus’s geopolitically diversified asset portfolio since commencing commercial production in 2018 with an estimated 4.5-year mine life. Since then, the mine has consistently produced gold in excess of forecasts and importantly, generated significant amounts of free cashflow. This updated LOMP incorporates the processing of ore from satellite deposits at Fimbiasso and Bagoé as well as the Sissingué Gold Mine, and results in the life of the Sissingué operation being extended out till at least March 2026 which enables Perseus to continue generating material benefits for all of our stakeholders, including the residents of our host communities at Fimbiasso and Bagoé,” said Perseus’s Managing Director and CEO Jeff Quartermaine.

Sissingué is located in northern Cote d’Ivoire in the West African Craton where gold is mined in Paleoproterozoic (Birimian) rocks of the southern extension of the Syama Greenstone Belt and the western margin of the Senoufo Greenstone Belt. Gold deposits at Sissingué are orogenic, greenstone hosted.

The SGM main pit mineralisation is structurally controlled and mainly hosted within a granitic stock associated with a network of quartz-carbonate veins and veinlets with associated pyrite and arsenopyrite dissemination. Gold-bearing veins have a dominant NNW to NS trend and are steeply dipping. Disseminated mineralisation is also located in the alternation envelops of the mineralised quartz veins.

Life of mine plan

Based on detailed mining and processing schedules recently prepared as part of the life of mine planning process, the key forecast operating parameters for Sissingué are summarised in Table 4. To illustrate the changes to the FY23 LOMP from the previous FY22 LOMP published in August 2021, equivalent data is tabulated below. It should be noted that the FY23 LOMP commences 1 July 2022 and accounts for actual depletion of Ore Reserves between July 2021 to December 2021 and forecast depletion between 1 January 2022 and 30 June 2022.

Mining cost estimates in the updated LOMP are based on projected costs using the current contract with mining contractors, SFTP, who have been conducting mining activities on site since mining operations started. SFTP is expected to perform the full mining, drilling and grade control service required at Sissingué. Explosive costs are based on the projection of current contract prices provided by contractor, Maxam, a leading explosives manufacturer and distributor.

Gold recovery rates and processing costs are based on actual results achieved in the last 12 months and combined with forward projections based on a comprehensive metallurgical test work program for areas with no experiential data. Processing costs include costs associated with all consumables including maintenance, electricity, fuel, labour, and other processing overheads.

G&A and other costs are based on actuals and budget projections. G&A operating costs include all labour costs, Abidjan regional office costs, HR administration costs as well as all costs associated with the management of the environment, OH&S, security, government and community relations, general administration including insurances and other contracts.


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