Komatsu’s 980E-5SE ultra-class electric drive mining truck offers the highest-in-class horsepower available

Redesigned, ergonomic automotive-style cab offers an upgraded driving experience

Komatsu's 980E-5SE is designed with a high-performance 4,400-HP engine for greater productivity.

The economics of surface mining require the highest production at the lowest lifetime cost per ton (CPT). By combining outstanding build quality with multiple features designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce downtime, the 4,400-HP Komatsu 980E-5SE electric drive mining truck offers increased speed on grade in deep pit applications. The truck’s redesigned ergonomic automotive-style cab works to increase operator comfort and lessen driving fatigue.

Leveraging Komatsu’s electric drive truck experience, the 980E-5SE offers the highest-in-class horsepower available on an ultra-class truck. Engineered to promote increased productivity and a reduced carbon footprint, the 980E-5SE’s electric drive means fewer mechanical components, less maintenance and potentially reduced life cycle costs.

Quick specs for the 980E-5SE electric mining truck:

  • Gross horsepower: 4,400 HP (3,281kW) @ 1,800 rpm
  • Operating weight: 1,400,000 lbs. (635,029 kg)
  • Capacity: 400 st (363 mt)

When cycling through big loads, durability is key. The 980E-5SE was developed using advanced computer-aided design, finite element analysis and full-scale dynamic testing. Its truck frame is verified to carry a rated payload with the utmost structural reliability.

Cruise and traction control

Automotive-style cruise control governing acceleration and deceleration helps operators maintain a constant speed while concentrating on steering and situational awareness. Traction control helps operators stay on task and operate more efficiently, even in slippery conditions. Wheel traction control technology detects and corrects wheel spin or slide events and engages automatically and independently of the service brakes.

Monitor efficiency with payload data

To support increased production and optimized payload, Payload Meter IV (PLM IV) can help maximize cycle efficiency to reduce the machine’s life cycle costs. Standard on Komatsu mining trucks, PLM IV tracks and records key production parameters, including payload weight, empty carry weight, haul cycle time, average speed and much more.

Learn more about how Komatsu’s 980E-5SE electric drive ultra-class truck can help mines reach higher production and lower lifetime cost per ton (CPT) by visiting our website.


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