Komatsu announces expansion plans in Arizona

Greenfield expansion will notably increase capacity for customers in the Southwest


Stemming from its deep commitment to the area, Komatsu is proud to announce a significant greenfield expansion in Mesa, Arizona. The expansion is centered on advancing sales and service capacity and will roughly triple the square footage dedicated to serving existing and new customers in the area.

“We conducted an extensive search to best meet our growth needs and are proud that we will continue calling Mesa home,” said Danny Murtagh, Vice President of Parts Distribution at Komatsu. “Between our highly skilled workforce, existing partnerships in the area, and the projected economic outlook in the region, it is exciting to announce this expansion.”

The new facility, scheduled for completion in the spring of 2026, will be approximately 225,000 square feet, a significant increase from the current 75,000 square foot facility. The site of the new facility is conveniently located close to the airport in southeast Mesa.

The expansion will promote the creation of both short-term construction jobs and long-term jobs with Komatsu. In the first few years of operation, up to 100 additional jobs are estimated to be created as a result of the expansion. The expanded sales and service facility represents a multi-million dollar strategic investment and underscores Komatsu’s commitment to the local economy and a positive outlook for economic growth in the region.

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