Kagem Mining welcomes national drive to upskill workforce

On May 1, Kagem Mining Limited (Kagem) took part in the joint Labour Day celebrations, held at the Lufwanyama Boarding School Hall, which brought together representatives from government, mining companies, trade unions, as well as others operating in Lufwanyama, demonstrating its solidarity with the broader labour community across the district. At the occasion, Kagem welcomed the government’s call to bolster productivity in the workplace through continuous improvement and upskilling of staff to create an increasingly capable workforce.
The Lufwanyama’s District Commissioner, Mr. Justin Mwalikwa, said, “In an effort to have a skilled labour force that responds to the needs of the industry, government has continued to engage skills training institutions, as well as support young people to acquire relevant skills. I encourage all the young people in the district to take advantage of grants under CDF and others to pursue skills training from trades training institutes and colleges.”
Kagem recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) to support the training of the mine’s staff in industry-specific skills such as mechanics, electrics, applied sciences, business studies and automotive and heavy equipment repair. The mine also conducts regular internal training sessions throughout its departments.
The 2024 Labour Day theme ‘Building Resilience: Workers at the heart of Zambia’s Economic Recovery’ brings to the fore the importance and need for a skilled and engaged workforce if the country is to effectively implement and achieve its economic growth goals within the projected and desired timeframes.
“The restoration and transformation of the economy cannot be realised without the dedication and commitment of our workers,” added Mr. Mwalikwa.
About the event, Kagem’s General Manager, Adriaan Prinsloo commented, “Zambia is at a vital economic turning point and productivity across the sectors hinge on the output of employees. Kagem continues to prioritise employee welfare, recognition, and development as an integral part of its human resources management strategy in a bid to promote a supportive and inclusive work environment.”
“We are keen to keep up the momentum and ensure that our staff are well-equipped to conduct the day-to-day functions, and that they are up-to-date in their training in line with industry standards. Kagem has in place programmes to that effect,” he added.
During the event, long-serving staff from Kagem were among those awarded for exemplary years of service, including 30 Kagem employees, who demonstrated exceptional dedication and were presented with awards under the categories of Most Hard Working, Most Dedicated and Most Improved. In total, 91 of Kagem’s employees were awarded for their outstanding contributions, which not only exemplified the company’s values but also inspired others to strive for excellence.
Kagem’s dedication to skills enhancement in the district extends to the surrounding community, with plans for the construction of the Chapula Vocational Training Centre in Lufwanyama. The mine is working with the Ministry of Technology and Science, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate critical aspects of the initiative’s implementation.
Once completed, the infrastructure will be handed over to TEVETA, which will be responsible for conducting various skills training programmes to improve the employability of local youth and residents in the area in line with government’s Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TEVET) policy.


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