K-Shield Impact Belt Support System


Designed and engineered by Kinder Australia, the K-Shield Impact Belt Support System is key to providing improvement of material containment at high impact conveyor transfer points. Each cradle is custom engineered to suit a wide variety of heavy material applications – with rigidity to provide extra support under the movement of the conveyor belt, stabilising the load at the transfer point. The 12mm thick UHMW polyethylene wear surface allows the belt to slide freely over the cradle surface, and the smooth curved trough supports the belt over the entire surface. The result of the K-Shield installation is that the skirting and seals can work more effectively, preventing costly belt edge damage and material spillage.

Key design features:
☑ No moving parts – Less chance of failure.
☑ Energy absorbing Impact Bars for efficiency.
☑ Modular design to suit all builds. Interchangeable with existing idlers to maintain same belt height.
☑ Fire Resistant Anti Static (FRAS) available.

If extra stability is required for demanding mining and high-speed applications, K-Shield can also be manufactured with proprietary KICOMP high speed impact bars, with the following composite material properties:
• Low coefficient of friction (< 0.1)
• High service temperature: 250°C continuous and 300°C short term.
• Thermal conductivity to dissipate surface heat.
• Anti-static to prevent spark generation.
• Increased wear resistance.
• Good compressive strength.
Contain your material with ease with Kinder Australia’s K-Shield Belt Support System, to avoid long term high maintenance and costs.
Kinder Australia now has a representative located in South Africa. Our efforts focus primarily on advancing customer’s end-to-end materials handling processes, and providing world class bulk materials handling equipment and conveyor componentry solutions. Contact Kinder to discuss conveyor improvement, material flow and anti-wear solutions.


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