Iron Ore Mining Operation Invests in AHS Workforce Training Solutions

PRO5 Advanced Equipment Simulator – In a class of its own with unmatched realism, reliability, and training value

An iron ore mining operation has invested in workforce development solutions from Immersive Technologies to boost the capability of their heavy equipment operator workforce.  Headquartered in Perth Western Australia, operating several iron ore mines, their operations are positioned as one of the world’s largest iron ore producers.  Their mines, which move material via autonomous haulage systems will now utilize a simulation-based workforce development solution from Immersive Technologies to address the variance in operator capability which is a significant contributor to haul-cycle productivity.

People, culture and values have always been a priority focus across operations for this mining company and by investing in an Immersive Technologies PRO5 Equipment Simulator, their operations now are able to develop their people in a safe and highly realistic virtual environment proven to improve heavy equipment operator skill and behavior. Installed at a centrally located training facility, the PRO5 will simulate a fleet of autonomous trucks, including Caterpillar and Liebherr loading machines and equipped with the in-cabin Cat Command for Hauling system.

The training solution develops mine-ready operators via a targeted training approach for experienced personnel and a structured and inclusive approach for new skill development.

Autonomy has successfully addressed risk to truck fleet safety and productivity; however, this has created a greater cognitive, socio-emotional and technology skills requirement to get the job done. The need to balance productive material movement, radio communication skill and software literacy also extends to ancillary machines such as dozers and graders,” says Simon Vellianitis, Regional Vice President Australia Pacific at Immersive Technologies.

With deployments of simulation-based autonomous training solutions on dozens of autonomous haulage sites around the world, Immersive Technologies have global experience addressing workforce challenges arising from the introduction of autonomous systems. For example, system inputs from the operator effect the approach paths for autonomous trucks, often introducing additional wait time into the truck exchange. These paths were previously determined by operators within the trucks themselves, however within an autonomous haulage operation this part of the haul cycle becomes the responsibility of the loading machine operator.

Immersive Technologies’ simulation solutions monitor the human variables enabling equipment operators to build familiarity with the system, understand its complexities and practice the best methods for consistent cycles. Immersive Technologies will support this customer with a best practice training process including tailored simulator scenarios, validated with analysis of field system data to monitor variation in material movement as the workforce variance factors are addressed.


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