IRing Inc. Has Developed Revolutionary Underground Break Analyzer Software.

Rocket Boomer XE3 Veidekke, Norway

Today, iRing INC announces a breakthrough technology in ring design for underground mines that uses a completely new blast design model. The development of this innovative blasting technique uses a unit charge and stress reflection methodology in conjunction with electronic detonators to design ring patterns with the objective of transforming underground blasting operations into primary crushing operations.

AEGIS Break Analyzer has been developed using extensive field testing as well as very specific near-field monitoring methods from production blasting operations employing analytical models including explosive energy as well as characterization of rock/ore masses using dynamic modulus, shock decay, and strength/structure. The unique workflows and calculators used by the software allow ring designs to be planned from scratch as well as providing the ability to improve existing designs. Additional benefits can also be realized, specifically when changing to new explosive products with any change of explosive suppliers. Add new explosive products to the explosives database and run through current and previous designs to evaluate potential improvements, or determine potential unexpected diminished performance keeping other parameters constant and unchanged.

This advanced software technology considers both detonation state and explosion state properties of commercial explosives strategically placed in drill holes in ore. The intent is to ameliorate the use of expensive crushing equipment in the underground mining environment. Blasting operations designed by AEGIS Break Analyzer can transform underground blasting operations into primary crushing operations – either to diminish the reliance on expensive underground crushers as the main means of delivering fragmented ore to a mill – or by drastically improving the costs of crusher operations providing considerable savings.

Using the new model, the conditions necessary to ensure that blasting operations are consistent from stope to stope, orebody to orebody provides a significant paradigm shift concerning blasting geometry, energy, and precise ring sequencing in conjunction with the use of electronic detonators. Using dynamic properties for both explosive products and rock/ore types including the use of site factor/shock decay methods results in the ability to obtain unheard-of fragmentation precision regarding maximum recoveries and greatly improved economics in ore extraction.

About iRing Inc. & Aegis

AEGIS Designer© and AEGIS Analyzer© are part of a software suite of products from iRing Inc. that completely changes the ring design process (drilling, blasting and mucking) for underground mines by improving ore recoveries minimizing dilution and ensuring cost saving consistencies from stope to stope, and orebody to orebody. iRing Inc. is the world leader in blast planning software specific to underground mines and uses a proprietary break model to diagnose and improve blast pattern designs using explosive detonation state and explosion state characteristics as well as rock/ore parameters. Costs reductions can be achieved by designing blasting patterns to match existing  explosive and rock/ore properties. Aegis improves productivity at least five times faster than current ring design methods and allows any mine to increase productivity by advancing production of potential stopes and increasing cycle time. AEGIS employs advanced algorithms, numerical modelling tools and statistics when developing solutions to oblique ring geometries.It is our mission to provide leading-edge technologies and solutions for mining blast optimization. iRing INC has won two technology awards from Northern Ontario Business and received a Manning Innovation Award from the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation .

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