iRing creates the most comprehensive free online drill and blast mining knowledgebase in the world


iRing Inc., a world leader in blast planning software and consulting services, announces the creation of a Knowledgebase that provides engineers and planners current and comprehensive drilling and blasting information. The Knowledgebase includes topics in the use of general explosives, it encompasses the application of explosives in surface and underground mining. It also includes the mechanics of distributing explosive energy in an orebody for specific fragmentation profiles required by materials handling equipment.  The knowledgebase is available free to the public and includes hundreds of pages of original material and videos. It is the largest online resource of its kind in the world. It is available at

A small sample of the available topics include;

  • Industrial explosive properties and handling for ANFO, Emulsions, Watergels
  • Rock/ore properties including differences between static and dynamic modulus values in terms of blast design
  • Blast design considerations including blast dynamics
  • Baselining blasting operations and process improvement
  • Mining methods and applications
  • Mining terms and definitions available in WIKI format

Some of the questions that can be answered by the knowledgebase include;

  • How are pattern dimensions affected when a low energy explosive replaces a higher energy explosive product?
  • How does detonation velocity affect breakout at a free face?
  • Do P-wave velocities have any influence on blasting design?
  • How does explosive charge diameter contribute to the energy output of an explosive product?
  • How does dynamic modulus affect blasting pattern design?
  • What parameters influence break tonnages in terms of explosive and rock/ore properties?
  • How does the unconfined compressive strength or a rock/ore type influence shock intensity from blasthole wall to open face?
  • How does the rock/ore strength affect the break produced by an explosive product?

iRing Inc. is the lead partner in a group called “The Paradigm Shifters” and together the group of companies have made it to the next round in the Crush It! Challenge  The Crush It! Challenge, spearheaded by the federal government (Impact Canada), in cooperation with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), CEMI, and Goldcorp was created to challenge the mining industry to reduce the amount of energy that crushers and grinders use in the mining process. These pieces of equipment account for upwards of 50% of mine site energy consumption and up to 3% of all the electric power generated in the world.  Essentially our team proposes to bring together the processes and technology that could reduce or even eliminate the need for expensive primary crushers, and reduce the energy required by secondary crushing (potentially eliminating it as well) and grinders in both mines and quarries globally.  Come visit us at booth #62 at the PDAC for additional information.

About iRing Inc. & Aegis

iRing Inc. is a world leader in blast planning software specific to underground mines and uses a proprietary break model to diagnose and improve blast pattern designs using explosive detonation state and explosion state characteristics as well as dynamic rock/ore parameters. It is our mission to provide leading-edge technologies and solutions for mining blast optimization. AEGIS Designer© and AEGIS Analyzer© are part of a software suite of products from iRing Inc. that completely changes the ring design process (drilling, blasting and mucking) for underground mines by improving ore recoveries minimizing dilution and ensuring cost saving consistencies from stope to stope, and orebody to orebody. iRing INC has won two technology awards from Northern Ontario Business and was nominated for a Manning Innovation Award from the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation. To learn more, visit iRing is also on, , and


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