Introducing safe & easy Ethylene application in Australia


Catalytic Generators Australia will be showcasing the revamped Easy-Ripe® ethylene generator at Hort Connections in Melbourne, Australia from June 24-26. As a provider of ethylene ripening solutions globally, Hort Connections offers Catalytic Generators Australia the unique opportunity to meet with both new and current customers located in Australia and demonstrate new ethylene ripening products.

“Our focus at Hort Connections is to show attendees how our systems provide more effective ripening and make it safer and easier than traditional methods,” said Leigh Cummin of Catalytic Generators Australia.  “We are excited to be showing our latest version of Easy-Ripe® to the Australian and New Zealand markets. They were released at recent shows in Europe. We will have both portable and fixed ethylene generators on display at Hort Connections.”

In addition to the new Easy-Ripe®, the ‘Centralised Ripening System’ (CRS) will be on display, as Cummin explained. Large-scale ripening is made easy with the CRS, as Ethy-Gen® II Concentrate is delivered to each room via pipe and converted into ethylene as needed.

About the New Easy-Ripe® Generator

Beyond the new white exterior, the redesigned Easy-Ripe® has an improved tank with a cap, which integrates a liquid level indicator, making it easier to know how much Ethy-Gen® II is in the tank. For added convenience, the Easy-Ripe® comes in a wall-mounted version, as well.

“We’ve also integrated new technology which makes remote connection from a PLC, ethylene controller, or other control panel possible,” stated Cummin. With setpoint control of ethylene, ripeners can have more exact ethylene level, as the generator will to react to any changes in the ethylene levels in a room and modify ethylene production to maintain a desired setpoint.

Revolutionizing the Ripening Process in Australia

“Australian and New Zealand growers and ripeners are always interested in new technology to help them deliver excellent fresh produce,” Cummin observed. Both Australian and New Zealand producers have a deep understanding of ripening processes, according to Cummin.

Catalytic Generators Australia has developed ripening technology that can assist in more precise application of ethylene. “Ripeners that have discovered Catalytic Generators and Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate find that our products lead the way in delivering safe and efficient ethylene production with lowered risk, covered by full service and support in Melbourne by Catalytic Generators Australia,” stated Cummin.

Catalytic Generators will be at Booth #215 at Hort Connections.


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