Integrated Air Solutions unleashes full mining arsenal at Electra Mining 2018


Integrated Air Solutions will showcase its full mining arsenal of industrial oil-lubricated and oil-free air compressors and services at Electra Mining 2018. A prominent feature on the stand (P18) which will be located at NASREC’s lake area, will be the unveiling of MethaSperse, a methane dispersion and dust suppression system for underground coal mining.

“We are the exclusive regional distributor of the globally renowned ELGi compressor range and are proud to be aligned with this distinguished brand,” states Graham Russell, Integrated Air Solutions Group CEO. Integrated Air Solutions boasts decades of unrivalled experience in providing individually tailored high-pressure ELGi compressor packages to meet a broad spectrum of applications in Sub Sahara Africa’s mining and general industry sectors.

According to Russell, ELGi’s electric driven compressor range is gaining increasingly wide acceptance in the local mining sector and a selection of these oil-lubricated machines will be on display on the Integrated Air Solutions stand. The company will also exhibit the large ELGi diesel-driven air compressor widely used to meet the air requirements for down-the-hole (DTH), post hole, water and exploration drilling applications.

“We are looking forward to showcasing the ELGi PG1200-350 compressor. One of the most exciting innovations to come out of the renowned ELGi stable, this thoroughbred offers the perfect balance between increased efficiency and reduced operating costs which are fundamental to sustainable drilling. This remarkable dual-pressure machine enables the end-user to drill to deeper depths while using less fuel on average.”

An installed base of over 300 ELGi high-pressure diesel-driven compressors in the sub-Saharan region bears testimony to both the quality associated with the brand and the ruggedness and serviceability of the machines. “ELGi compressors have been tried and tested in the harsh Southern African environment for over a quarter of a century, passing with flying colours,” confirms Russell. “Combine this with the depth of the ranges that are available and it comes as no surprise that these compressors have been the air delivery system of choice for customers and end-users over the decades.”

Integrated Air Solutions holds the enviable position of being one of only a few OEM companies with the unique ability to locally customise compressors to OEM warranty. “This capability, combined with ELGi’s compact skid-mounted 475 to 1500 cfm high-pressure diesel compressor range which is ideally suited to customisation, enables us to meet the growing demand for compressors adapted specifically to the customer’s individual need.”

The company has completed a number of successful customisation projects including the replacement of the counterweight on a JCB excavator modified for blast hole drilling, with a customised ELGi 900cfm 14 bar diesel compressor. “We also fitted a FOGMAKER high-pressure water-mist fire suppression system to both the excavator and compressor,” adds Russell.

Sister company, FOGMAKER South Africa (Pty) Ltd., will be exhibiting jointly with Integrated Air Solutions on the P18 external stand located at Nasrec’s lake area, where visitors will have the opportunity to view this innovative fire suppression system.


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