Innovative Fuel Additive Company Fuel Ox Reduces Emissions by Over 50% While Improving Fuel Efficiency by 7-10%.


Fuel Ox, LLC, a subsidiary of Industrial Sustainability Group, a company dedicated to providing industrial strength products for heavy industry that are also eco-friendly, has been showing impressive results in the mining industry in Africa as well as the rest of the world. In particular their patented fuel additive Fuel Ox with Combustion Catalyst, which includes an organo-metallic fuel borne catalyst, originally created for intense applications like the United States Military, promotes an earlier and more thorough combustion. This results in more power, better fuel economy and – because of the more thorough burn of fuel – far less emissions of all types.

It is important to note the inverse relationship between the temperature of the combustion versus Diesel Particulate Matter (soot) creation and that of Nitrous Oxide Gases (NOx), the most notorious of all greenhouse gases. Generally speaking, the hotter the combustion, the less soot is created but the more NOx is created. Likewise, the cooler the burn the less NOx but more soot. This is important to keep in mind as Fuel Ox with Combustion Catalyst lowers the combustion point so it also lowers the overall combustion temperatures but still burns more of the fuel thereby having a positive effect by reducing both soot and NOx production at the same time.

Recent testing has taken place with such companies as Iamgold in Burkina Faso and PW Mining in Ghana as well as others in Peru and the United States. In related testing on large generators in Italy for Enel Fuel Ox has been shown to improve fuel efficiency by 8% while decreasing the soot (coal) emissions by 70%.

Testing in Western Africa has concentrated on the gold mining industry in particular and has taken place on Caterpillar 777 haul trucks at PW Mining in Ghana. The Iamgold test was conducted on Caterpillar 785c Haul trucks, a Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer and a water pump. The two trucks at PW Mining showed improvements of 9.3% and 11.6%. The Iamgold test resulted in an average fuel efficiency improvement of 9% on the two haul trucks, 9.25% on the water pump and over 30% for the bulldozer. All also showed significant reduction in soot emissions although no readings were taken.

Readings for emissions were taken however in Peru at the Santander mine that resulted in a number of impressive tallies that speak to the effectiveness of Fuel Ox with Combustion Catalyst in reducing greenhouse emissions. These tests were taken at an average elevation of 14,000 feet and many were underground. Keeping in mind the relationship between combustion temperature and emissions creation mentioned above – the average Combustion Temperature in the mine was reduced from 225.7 c to 150.1 c, a 33.5% reduction. But because the combustion began slightly earlier and resulted in a more thorough burn the Diesel Particulate Matter (soot or coal) was also reduced from 64.83 to 8.43 or a reduction of 87%. The H2S was reduced from 15.9 to 9.5, a reduction of 40%. NOx was reduced from 368.4 to 180.3, a reduction of 51% and finally the SO2 was reduced from 13.3 to 2.9 or 78%.

When asked to comment Rand Taylor, President and Cofounder of Fuel Ox, LLC said,” These are the kind of results that Fuel Ox brings to all of their customers and a good reason why we continue to grow dramatically even throughout the Pandemic. At a cost of about 1% of a companies’ entire fuel cost we bring a terrific value to every vehicle or piece of machinery on the planet. The rising fuel prices and focus on cleaner air only make what we offer more valuable.”

Industrial Sustainability Group Inc. and Fuel Ox, LLC also provide a 100% plant based lubricant line called Infinity Lubes that far outperforms all greases and lubricants- most by as much as 700-800%. They are located in Asbury, NJ USA and supply companies throughout the world.


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