IWC FM Series Package Cooling Tower Complete with Trickle Pack Fill

Industrial Water Cooling (Pty) Ltd is a South African based cooling tower specialist offering engineered thermal solutions to industry and has successfully completed various cooling tower projects across the African continent.

Cooling towers (whether large field erected towers or smaller, factory assembled towers), all comprise certain key components.  Some of these components offer a greater opportunity for upgrading to achieve an improvement in the thermal performance of the cooling tower.

  1. Fan & Motor Assembly

The least expensive, and by far the simplest upgrade, is to improve air volume through a cooling tower.  This is achieved by simply increasing the blade angles to the maximum blade angle permitted by the installed motor power.

The instillation of a velocity recovery stack or discharge evase generates approximately 5% to 8% (subject to the geometry thereof) more air flow for the same fan shaft power.

Increase motor installed power.  This needs to be carefully considered as the power ratings of the various elements of the drive arrangement, as well as the electrical reticulation system, need to be evaluated.  Additionally, the fan performance characteristics themselves need to be evaluated and may require the installation of additional blades or a completely different impellor.

  1. Water Distribution System

Poor water distribution is one of the primary causes of poor cooling tower performance and while improving the water distribution isn’t necessarily a thermal upgrade it is critical in ensuring that cooling tower performance is maintained.  Existing distribution systems can greatly be improved by installing modern, full cone, square pattern nozzles or modern gravity sprayers.

IWC Square Pattern, Full Cone Sprayer Nozzles

 3.Cooling Tower Fill or Packing

The most dramatic improvement in cooling tower performance can be achieved by replacing existing clogged or damaged fill with highly efficient film or trickle pack type of fill.

Industrial Water Cooling

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Key Accounts Manager

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