How to choose the right tire? Trust the experts. Take BKT’s word for it

BKT Tires
Depending on working habits, soil conditions, load and transport,the tire can change considerably.The expert advises the right model, compound and size to optimize the investment and make operations sustainable.

Selecting the right tire for your machinery is far from trivial and can prove to be a real challenge for various users, even the most expert. Depending on working habits, soil conditions, load and type of transport, the tire can change considerably.

For those who prefer to learn more independently about the solution that best suits their needs, BKT makes available on its website the agriculture, industrial and earthmoving sections. Here, once the relevant machinery has been selected, it is possible to consult the tire models and the most suitable sizes for each operation.

However, this is only a general indication, because the product may not perform at its best in the specific situation. And no digital or paper tool can replace the know-how of an expert. To make the right choice, the advice is therefore always to contact a professional for specific advice, to make operations efficient and sustainable.

Modern tires are advanced and sometimes extremely specific products. In a company they represent an important technical element, so specific skills are needed to make the most of them.

BKT and its distributors are spokespersons for a simple message: “Trust the experts”. Because experts do not judge, but they listen and evaluate. No question is ever wrong, if asked in good time.

Using an unsuitable tire leads, over time, to two important consequences:

  • Early replacement, replacement costs, vehicle downtime, cancellation of the investment in the chosen tire;
  • A waste of resources, time and above all consumption, going against any idea of sustainability.

Among the main mistakes in agriculture is: choosing the wrong tire for the wrong application, or thinking that the tire can be easily adapted to uses other than those intended. For example, when you apply a loader on the front of the tractor, you generate a load that goes beyond the load capacity of the tire and thus it is damaged ahead of time.



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