Cummins was a Gold Sponsor of Africa Rail 2017, held from 13 to 14 June at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. Billed as the largest and only event of its kind in Africa, it created a unique platform for African rail operators, end users, and governments to come together. Cummins showcased its latest technology for the rail industry, and also had an international speaker delivering a key presentation.

“Africa Rail 2017 gave us a unique opportunity to engage with key sector leaders, new business partners, and customers,” Madelyn Pretorius, Rail Sales & Business Development, comments. Cummins operates across different business units to offer total solutions. “We gave an indication of our full product range, and how customisation can be applied to fit different applications.” Hence the spotlight fell on the Rail Leader for Africa and Middle East, Application Engineering, Filtration and Power Generation.

New products showcased were the QSK95 engine. This is aimed at locomotive builders looking for a new-power approach to achieve cleaner, more efficient performance. It delivers a radically-improved power capability for both freight and passenger operations. On actual display at the stand was a 16-cylinder QSK60 engine, available with single-stage turbocharging, or a two-stage version for high-altitude and high load-factor applications. It can deliver 2 013 kW at 3 658 m elevations without power derate.

“Our aim was to demonstrate to customers, manufacturers, local assemblers, and anyone involved in the rail industry that we are committed to partnering with them, providing complete business solutions. With engagement, we get a clear understanding of what the expectations are from us as a solution-offering organisation, and what we can do to contribute towards their success and ours,” Pretorius notes.

Hence the main message Cummins conveyed at Africa Rail 2017 was: ‘You can Depend on us.’ Pretorius elaborates: “With the involvement of our aftermarket service, first-fit specialists, application engineers, and factory support engineers, we are able to offer a total solution from pit-to-port.

“Our distribution network is located geographically to support this strategy across Africa and the Middle East region. We are committed to work with manufacturers to provide the lowest total cost of ownership solutions in the rail segment,” Pretorius concludes.



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