Glencore DRC participates in the 2024 DRC Mining Week

Glencore panel at the DRC Mining Week: President of Glencore DRC and Chairman of KCC, Marie-Chantal Kaninda, UK Ambassador, Ms Alison King, CAMI General Director, M. Mabolia Popol, a Representant of Civil Society, Ms Nicole Odia Kayembe, panel moderator, Alice-Estelle Mujanay, Gecamines General Director, M. Placide Nkala, and ITIE Coordinator, M. Jean-Jacques Kayembe.

Glencore is proud to have sponsored and participated in the 2024 DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi to discuss topics under the conference theme: ‘Prioritising sustainable mining operations and local transformation in the DRC’. Now, in its 19th edition, the conference has become an essential platform for sharing best practices, key learnings, and solutions among industry peers aimed at positioning the DRC as one of the leading mining districts in the world.

Present in the DRC since 2007, Glencore owns and operates two industrial copper and cobalt operations: Kamoto Copper Company SA (KCC), a partnership with Gecamines, and Mutanda Mining SARL (MUMI), in which the DRC government holds a stake. Both are located in the Lualaba province of the DRC.

Marie-Chantal Kaninda, President of Glencore DRC, participated in a panel discussion on sustainability plans and responsible mining. The panel featured H.E. Alyson King, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the DRC; Popol Mabolia, Director General of Cami; Placide Nkala, Director General of Gécamines; Jean-Jacques Kayembe, coordinator of EITI in DRC; and Maître Nicole Odia Kayembe, Lawyer and representative of Civil Society.

Mrs Kaninda agrees that by consolidating efforts and resources, the mining sector and stakeholders can make strides in the economic, social and governance (ESG) spheres as well as contribute to the transformation of the mineral-rich DRC.

“Glencore’s business model, as both a major trading company and a large industrial mining company, seeks to align our purpose and values with local legislation, international best practice and global standards for ESG practices so that we can responsibly and sustainably source and supply the minerals driving the global energy transition. Our work in this regard has helped to ensure that our clients can be confident about sourcing copper and cobalt from the DRC, which in turn is important to the continued development of the DRC.

“The DRC has much to offer in terms of mineral endowment, particularly green minerals required for global decarbonisation. It is an exciting time for both the mining industry and transformation within the DRC, where all stakeholders can contribute positively to the sector and the economy to secure a greener future,” she concluded.

Senior representatives from Glencore’s head office were in attendance at the conference, highlighting the DRC’s strategic importance to the global trading and mining giant. These included Anne Edwards, the Group Head of Corporate Affairs, Mark Davis, CEO of Glencore Copper Africa and Anne Marie Fleury, responsible sourcing lead for cobalt.

Other engagements of note included the CEO roundtable represented by Marie-Chantal Kaninda and Mark Davis. A Women in Mining forum organized by USAID and a UK- DRC business networking event hosted by the British Embassy, aimed at promoting the DRC’s mining sector.

During the closing ceremony of DRC Mining Week, Glencore was awarded a certificate of recognition for its continued support and exceptional contribution to this platform and the DRC mining industry.


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