Gécamines envisions to increase copper production.

Gecamines at the Drc-Mining week 2019

Throughout its 52-year history, Gécamines (La Générale des Carrières et des Mines or General Careers and Mines) has undergone a series of transformations to its business model.

Most recently, it moved away from a joint venture business model to a mine operator business model.

 Gécamines, which was  among the fifty mining companies who took part in DRC Mining Week from June 19 to 21, 2019 revealed it’s vision which is focused on improving the quality of its copper and increasing production.

Speaking at their  stand in the marquee of the Karavia Hotel in Lubumbashi, Gécamines ‘agents kept explaining and answering visitors’ questions about their presence in the DRC mining sector and the significant progress made in recent years.

 Gécamines wanted to reaffirm the importance of its role in the mining sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its repositioning as a successful mining operator.

With morale boosted by the head of state who has pledged to advocate for the economic and financial recovery of the DRC, Gecamines intends to develop it’s own production. A recovery that relies mainly on increasing production of copper and cobalt.

Indeed, the world is in the era of electric vehicle construction, a sector in full development that has put cobalt on the front of the stage. Also, like all other metals, copper plays a very important role in the global economy.

The copper price is closely monitored by financial analysts. Red metal is highly valued for its heat and electricity conduction qualities, as well as for its resistance to wear and corrosion.

Understanding current issues, Gécamines has improved the quality of its 99.98% copper cathodes. They now meet international standards.

As for the production of Cobalt, formerly considered as a final product of copper production, Gécamines is more than decided to bring, in two years, the production above the breakeven point of 1,500 tonnes of cobalt per year and 10,000 tonnes of cobalt within five years.

Gecamines  focuses on prospecting, exploration and exploitation of mineral deposits. The Company offers production of copper, cobalt, and zinc, as well as provides medical education, operating theaters, gastroenterology, ophtalmologies, physiotherapy, dentistry, analysis laboratories, and other medical services.


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