FUCHS offers a range of service and maintenance solutions for mining

FUCHS personnel are responsible for on-site services, maintenance, shutdowns, and extended services for mining equipment

Such has been the success of its relationship building that FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA has been offering its man-on-site service to some mining clients for over 30 years, according to Tiaan Le Roux, Service Manager. The leading lubrication manufacturing company provides essential services to keep mining operations running smoothly.

A cornerstone of the South African economy, the mining industry depends on its equipment having proper lubrication in order function effectively and avoid any downtime. “The lubrication system is often referred to as the veins of mining machinery, delivering lubricants and greases to the right components to enable efficient operations,” says Le Roux.

While FUCHS is mainly associated with the mining industry, its services extend beyond mining to industrial clients as well. Its skilled service personnel are not only trained by the company itself, but also receive training from suppliers. At present, the company has 39 technicians and service personnel based at key locations such as Swakopmund, Mokpane, Springbok, Kuruman, Emalahleni, and Johannesburg.

These personnel are responsible for on-site services, maintenance, shutdowns, and extended services for mining equipment. Le Roux highlights the intensive nature of shutdowns in the mining industry, underscoring the importance of impeccable service. “The majority of shutdowns we carry out are on draglines, which can last up to a month. We work as part of a team of service providers to ensure that when the machines restart, everything is in perfect working order.”

A major advantage of having personnel on-site is the close connection with clients. FUCHS places a strong emphasis on building relationships with both end customers and the various personnel within mining companies, from the ground to management level. “Relationship building is important for us. It instils confidence in our offering, which boosts customer sales as well,” adds Le Roux.

Apart from providing essential on-site services, FUCHS has also developed a reporting tool also called MOS (man-on-site) for trend analysis on specific components, offering valuable data for clients’ maintenance planning.

The company’s commitment to service excellence is further exemplified in its involvement in major projects, such as the complete rebuild of a drag line, a massive seven-month undertaking. Additionally, FUCHS is expanding its footprint into Africa, undertaking various projects, including product changeovers.

With a growing focus on sustainability and cost-saving in the mining industry, FUCHS is dedicated to assisting clients to optimise their operations. It employs the latest technology to monitor lubrication systems, providing real-time alerts via SMS when issues arise.

To stay at the forefront of technology and trends, the service team undergoes continuous training and works closely with the systems department to design and install new systems. While many of their services are under contract, FUCHS remains flexible and adaptable to meet clients’ specific needs.

While FUCHS does not manufacture its own lubrication systems specifically, it standardises on recognised OEMs to supply customers and use these components in its own systems. Another benefit is that FUCHS can supply lubrication containers, making it easier to service vehicles and equipment on-site.

“We are not just a lubrication product supplier; we are an integral part of our mining customers’ businesses,” highlights Le Roux. FUCHS’ service extends from on-site maintenance to system design. In short, it provides a level of expertise and commitment to its customers that keeps the mining industry always moving forward.


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