FQM to resume US $700,000 community water project in Kalumbila


First Quantum Minerals (FQM) is set to resume the stalled community water project in Kalumbila District. This is following the long standoff that existed between the mining company and the Community, leading to the suspension of the water project.

In August last year, First Quantum Minerals (FQM) announced the suspension of the community water project in Kalumbila District after several complaints from residents on the flooded Musangezhi dam.

Flooding of the Dam led to an uproar from residents, especially that it affected a nearby graveyard, which they described as a taboo. The residents raised concerns that the situation had further led to the contamination of water in the area as mining activities were also too close, a move that left FQM with no option but to abandon the water project.

However, after several engagements with Chief Musele and Kalumbila Minerals Ltd General Manager Morris Rowe, the matter has been put to rest. This followed a statement from the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection on the results of investigations by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and the Department of Water Resources Development into the quality of water in boreholes around Musele Chiefdom.

This will result in FQM resuming the community water project put on hold last year following attempts by community leaders to blame the mine for natural occurrences that affected the quality of water.

Provincial Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu said: “On behalf of Government, I wish to sincerely thank both parties that have been involved in this process of discussions.”


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