Fibertex distributes Dura-Line’s sub-soil drainage pipe and associated accessories used in conjunction with Fibertex geotextiles and composite drainage systems


Fibertex SA is a supplier of Dura-Line’s cable conduit, sub-soil drainage pipe and associated accessories.

“Dura-Line components, which meet stringent quality specifications, are used in conjunction with Fibertex geotextiles and composite drainage systems in various industries, including civil engineering, construction and agriculture,” explains Joe Anderson, Technical Sales Representative, Fibertex SA. “Included in the Dura-Line range are Drainex slotted smooth-bore drainage pipes, Kabelflex solid duct pipe, Wastex drilled drainage pipes for viscous leachates and Stakbox modular manhole/access boxes.

“Drainex pipes are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is a chemically resistant polymer over a wide pH range. These durable drainage pipes are UV stabilised and offer high impact resistance to avoid damage during installation, as well as improving mechanical service life and ensuring extended service life in exposed environments.

“When using these drainage pipes in a subsoil drainage application, a trench is dimensioned and cut as per the engineer’s design. The trench is then lined with a suitable Fibertex nonwoven polypropylene filter fabric. A 50 mm bedding layer of suitably sized stone chip is placed for the pipe to rest on. The function of the filter fabric (which is folded over with a 150 – 200 mm overlap) is to prevent the migration of fine soil particles into the drainage pipe, that in the long term could lead to silting up of the pipe.”

Drainex, Kabelflex and Wastex pipes have a double wall construction, with a corrugated external wall and a smooth inner wall, with a low coefficient of friction. This design combines high ring stiffness (>450kPa), with excellent flow characteristics, allowing for the optimum utilisation of pipe diameter. Drainage slots in Drainex pipes are cut in the depressions of the corrugations to protect the pipe from blockage by drainage aggregate.

These pipes are available in diameters of 75 mm, 110 mm and 160 mm, in coils and in 6 m lengths. Push fit couplings and optional profiled sealing rings ensure reliable joining and watertight sealing of the pipefittings.

Kabelflex pipes are primarily used as cable conduits, which are used for protecting underground buried electrical and telecommunications cables.

Kabelflex is available in nominal outside diameters of DN50, 75, 110 and 160 mm and in 6 m lengths, as well as 50 m coils. Simple push fit couplings are supplied with or without a rubber sealing rings as standard.

Wastex HDPE drainage pipe, developed for use in the collection of leachate in solid waste landfill or containment sites, is perforated with 15 mm diameter holes to prevent organic blocking or clogging.

All drainage pipes have a yellow line marked on the apex of pipe to ensure correct orientation of the flow channel.

Stakbox polyethylene modular cable access chambers, which are stackable in 300 mm lifts to create the required depth, are easy to install, using an aggregate base. These robust cable access boxes have a lightweight lid and frame with optional security lock and key.

This range has multiple knock-out points to facilitate various diameter cable conduit entries and is available in five sizes, between 300 x 300 mm and 600 x 600 mm.

The Fibertex portfolio of subsoil drainage systems also encompasses PVC a complete range of fittings, including bends, junctions, rodding eyes and end caps. 

Fibertex is the largest manufacturer of UV stabilised virgin PP (polypropylene) nonwoven geotextiles produced in Africa, with certification for durability of over 100 years, in accordance with the latest EN standards.

The company supplies a comprehensive range of geosynthetic products including nonwoven and woven geotextiles, gabions and mattresses, geosynthetic clay liners, composite cuspated drainage and leak detection systems, erosion control blankets and cellular confinement systems.

The local operation – with a highly skilled team – supports this extensive products range with a technical advisory and back-up facility throughout Africa.


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