Epiroc releases Automatic Bit Changer (ABC) for Pit Viper 351 blasthole drill rigs.

Epiroc releases Automatic Bit Changer (ABC) for Pit Viper 351

Epiroc announces the release of its ground-breaking Automatic Bit Changer (ABC), now available for the Pit Viper 351 blasthole drill rig. Following the success and positive customer feedback from the ABC introduction in the Pit Viper 270 series, Epiroc continues to transform the drilling industry with this innovative solution.

The Automatic Bit Changer enables hands-free bit changes, leveraging cutting-edge automation and advanced control systems. Operators can effortlessly switch rotary efficiency. ABC enhances safety by eliminating exposure to live work environments by eliminating human interaction with the drill string.

“With the successful launch of Automatic Bit Changer (ABC) for Pit Viper 270 and 290 Series, we are proud to release ABC for Pit Viper 351 drills and keep moving forward our Automation strategies to continue to transform the mining industry.” – Carla Chaname , Product Manager – Machine Automation

The removable bit carousel allows storage of up to four bits onboard, offering flexibility and versatility for various drilling applications. The compact, above-deck design maximizes space utilization and ensures simplified and safer maintenance procedures.

By reducing the possibility of human error, minimizing injuries, and increasing machine uptime, Epiroc continues to empower mining operations to achieve greater success.

“Scaling up the proven Auto Bit Changer from the Pit Viper 270 and 290 Series resulted in a safe, reliable, and repeatable Pit Viper 351 solution. The durability of the consumables along with the speed of an ABC sequence increases the machine up time.” -Matt Fosler , Project Manager – Engineering

Epiroc is dedicated to creating sophisticated solutions. These solutions aim to eliminate live work, enhance safety within work environments, and elevate mining productivity and process efficiency – ABC does exactly that.


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