Endress+Hauser sets standards in simplicity in every sense


Using can be easily and accurately calibrated and their entire life cycle documented. Whether it’s pH, oxygen, conductivity or chlorine, Ex or non-Ex sensors, all types can be managed using this software, which is also capable of measuring and recording and these smart features will speed up the work process.


Similar instrumentation with the same look and feel ensures flexibility and simplicity – this is the principle behind the success of the Liquiline range and is also a feature in .

One interface works for all sensor types and up to 4 sensors can be calibrated at the same time at one computer. There are many ways in which customers benefit from this.

conductivity, dissolved oxygen and chlorine can all be calibrated using one tool, you save space at work while putting money in the bank. Thanks to its intuitive operation, even a amateur can operate the program with a small amount of training. Moreover, the sensor status analysis function helps to reduce storage costs as the user can estimate at an early stage when the sensor will need to be replaced.

Quality and safety

As a result of the sensors can be calibrated in a laboratory. And with Memobase Plus, every computer becomes a calibration station! Calibration reports are generated automatically as .pdf or as .csv to allow them to be exported, for example, to Excel for further processing. Complete traceability of test solutions, sensors, calibrations and measurements is also included. Errors are avoided thanks to the system’s intelligent error detection, and instructions and tips make most parts of the program self-explanatory. An audit trail and user administration guarantee additional security; is FDA 21 CFR Part 11-compliant.

Both the process and the laboratory are brought under one roof, as Memobase Plus can also be used for measurement tasks. This means that the same sensors can be used in a pilot system and in the process; this eliminates measurement differences between the pilot system and the process. Up scaling is easier and safer than ever.

A perfectly balanced tool

Memobase Plus is currently capable of managing four different sensor types: pH (glass, ISFET), ORP, conductive and inductive conductivity, dissolved oxygen as well as chlorine.

Each license allows up to four sensors to be connected in any combination and activated at the same time. Operation is also state-of-the-art; in addition to conventional modes of entry using a mouse and keyboard, the program can be operated using a touchscreen.



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