Butt-welding suitable for mining and construction applications:RITMO SPA


RITMO S.p.A. is an Italian company with forty years of experience that has always made of quality the common thread in producing welders and accessories for plastic pipes welding up to 1600 mm for mining and construction applications such as water and gas pipelines. The company offers many technological solutions, such as: butt welding machines that are perfect to create pipe-lines; electrofusion welders used for connections and repairs and manual plastic extruders used for plastic fabrication and maintenance of HDPE or PP tanks and geomembrane welding. In butt welding technology, RITMO has a huge range of products that can cover small, medium and large sizes needs.

Among all the products, the automated welding system stands out to offer solutions that prevent accidental mistakes made by the operators (semi-auto Easy Life system) and in specific welding machines for mining such as the Delta All Terrain line equipped with on-board generator, traction steering wheels, high pressure welding system, automated Easy Life system, GPS location and many other features that make this line as independent, autonomous, and with an extreme productivity.

These products can be integrated by a smartphone/tablet App dedicated to quality: Set & Go Pro !. The App is capable of communicate through wi-fi with the welding machines for:

–          setting the welding parameters

–          generate a professional report thanks to an internal data-logging

–          locate the site by GPS,

–          trace the pipe and the operator,

–          share welding reports in real time

–          These are just some of the potentials of Set & Go Pro!

In electrofusion for pipes for under-pressure applications, Elektra TOP is the flagship model of the Elektra line. In a range of five high-tech welding machines, reliable and easy to use, Elektra TOP stands out for performance and productivity eliminating the time the machine needs to cool down after welding. Elektra TOP is light to carry and able to perform welding from 8 to 80 V on fittings having diameters from 20 mm to 1600 mm. The barcode scanner; the welding report in PDF format; the universal connectors; the large 6.5 “display and the integrated GPS module; make this welder powerful and unique.

STARGUN K-SB, plastic rod extruders, offer versatility of use and precision. In the hands of skilled operators, these tools are able to create special and customized products starting from sheets and pipes. Entirely designed by RITMO, they are equipped by technical innovations such as: easy cleaning filters, directional air flows designed to increase reliability, high intensity LEDs to illuminate the working area. Additionally, you can rely on a rich range of accessories and dedicated tips for working at best in every situation.

Beside the production of great welding machines, RITMO SPA offers to its customers training courses and technical assistance both directly or through its partners located on the African continent. This leaded the Italian company to be chosen by more and more by specialist and reliable partners dedicated in plastic welding technology.


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