Doppelmayr Transport Technology provides material transport systems for a wide range of applications


Bringing material from point A to point B is only a small part of the entire production chain. Sometimes, however, this part presents serious difficulties for conventional conveying techniques. Restricted accessibility of the site due to rugged terrain or existing infrastructure and other obstacles might hinder the material flow. Also, the importance of a system’s footprint increases, especially in environmentally sensitive areas or close to residential zones. Alternative solutions have to be found to overcome the difficulties conventional conveying technologies experience under such circumstances.

Doppelmayr Transport Technology provides solutions for all types of bulk material and unit load transport requirements with a wide range of technically proven material transport systems. Its systems are especially well suited for difficult terrain and allow to span existing obstacles.

The company is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Doppelmayr Group. Doppelmayr is technology leader and pioneer in ropeway engineering and has built more than 14,700 passenger and material transport systems in 90 countries. The Austrian family enterprise was founded in 1892 and has established a long tradition of excellence in ropeway engineering. Customers from all over the world rely on Doppelmayr systems to transport their bulk material and unit loads. Within the Group, Doppelmayr Transport Technology specialises in material handling solutions.

Product range

Doppelmayr Transport Technology offers various types of ropeway systems. Ropeways are capable of spanning valleys effortlessly, crossing obstacles and transporting their load safely and reliably. They make use of natural topographies and the different types of ropeways allow choosing the perfect answer for a wide range of transport challenges. Ropeways can transport different materials at the same time. It is even possible to combine freight and passenger transport. They also enable different loading and unloading points as well as simultaneous transport in both directions. Depending on the ropeway system, transport capacities of up to 500 t/h or heavy single loads can be achieved. Being elevated systems, ropeways occupy little ground space and minimize environmental impact.

RopeCon® is Doppelmayr’s innovative concept for conveying bulk material. It combines the advantages of proven ropeway engineering with continuous conveyor technology. The system consists of a continuous flat belt with corrugated side walls. The haulage function is performed by the belt and is fixed to axles at regular intervals. These axles support the belt and have running wheels fitted to either end which run on track ropes. The track ropes are elevated off the ground and guided over tower structures. This enables RopeCon® to easily cross obstacles such as roads, valleys, rivers and buildings. RopeCon® achieves conveying capacities of up to 25,000 t/h, while having a minimum structural footprint as it is an elevated system.

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