Diesel Particulate Filtration Technology for Mobile Mining Equipment


Distributed, fitted, and Serviced by DEUTZ DIESELPOWER (DDP), the modular Sintered Metal Filter (SMF®) filtration system is specifically tailored for controlling Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM)emissions in diesel engines in mobile and stationary equipment. In mines where the SMF® CRT® filters have been fitted, they have achieved significant DPM reduction.

In most countries, law requires that mobile equipment deployed in the off-road mobile equipment (including mining) environment must meet stipulated exhaust emission limits including limits on gas emissions and diesel particulate matter emissions. Diesel Particulate Matter is of particular concern.

SMF-CRT Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

DEUTZ DIESELPOWER (DDP) has been observing the challenges that mining companies face when it comes to selecting suitable DPM filtration systems and the extent this impacts their operations. DDP has worked with customers and role-players in the market to identify and source the optimal solution for the Southern African market. HJS modular Sintered Metal Filter (SMF®) technology is that solution. “SMF® technology can enable mobile machinery to achieve compliance,” Steven Moss, Sales Director, explains, referring to features that make the SMF® thrive for application in harsh conditions. DDP is an authorised distributor for HJS Emissions Technology as well as the Sole distributor for Sales, Support and Service for all DEUTZ products in South Africa and certain Anglophone African Countries.

The modular Sintered Metal Filter (SMF®) technology was developed especially for applications in the medium to high range of performance. “These filter systems can generally replace the original exhaust silencer in the case of retrofitting and can be adapted individually to the machines or stationary applications,” Moss states.

The modular SMF® systems are passively regenerating particulate filters (although actively regenerating units are also available) and therefore require no additional regeneration aids, additives, or interventions in engine management. On the HJS display the respective operating state and clearing requirement of the filter system can be read off at any time.


The system is structured in a modular format to enable integration into the most varied applications with low complexity. According to the installed situation and range of performance, the customer can select different system sizes and housing designs within the framework of the extensive HJS product range.

Technology and Functioning

The hot engine gases with the soot particles are routed into the housing of the SMF®. The gaseous parts of the exhaust gases flow through the microscopically fine pores of the filter pockets. The soot particles are held back on the surface in this case, including the finest particles, and are deposited on the individual filter pockets.

For the reduction of the soot gathered in the SMF®, the well-proven HJ8-SMF® technology with passive regeneration is used. The HJS system combines a high-efficiency, integrated diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with an SMF® (diesel particulate filter). As a result of optimum system coordination, the filter continuously regenerates and effectively clears the deposited soot. Regeneration burns the soot into ash, which can be easily cleaned by pressure washing the filter with water.

The particulate filter can be supplied with a catalytic coating for the support of regeneration if required.

Areas of Application

The SMF® CRT® system is mainly suited for off­ highway mobile machine applications. This technology is also used in stationary engines, railways, or shipping. HJS SCRT® systems are available both for installation in the original equipment and for retrofit to equipment in the field.


Ultimately, the SMF® provides the following advantages regarding DPM:

  • Reduction of soot and the finest particles by up to 95%.
  • Flexible adaptation to different machines and engine powers.
  • The high ash compatibility ensures long maintenance intervals.
  • The catalytic coatings enable an extended temperature window of operation.
  • The modular structure facilitates the dismantling of the system in service.
  • Easy and cost-effective to clean and maintain.

Complete Solution

DEUTZ DIESELPOWER recognizes that customers prefer the convenience of a broad range of services under one roof. “We can offer a complete solution, from filter supply, installation design, filter fitment and testing” Moss stated, adding that filter selection and exhaust piping are designed specifically for the installation required.

Successful Installations

Thus far, DEUTZ DIESELPOWER has fitted the SMF® CRT® diesel particulate filters successfully to a wide variety of mobile mining equipment and variety of diesel engine brands. “We have achieved significant DPF reductions in the mines where the SMF® CRT® filters have been fitted” Moss says, assuring prospective clients that DEUTZ DIESELPOWER is capable of meeting their respective DPM requirements.” Contact us should you wish to get more information on our Diesel Particulate Filters or want to fit this well proven product to your equipment.


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