MB CRUSHER launches the new version of the BF70.2 Crusher Bucket

 In General Scavi e Trasporti, long-term Italian clients of MB Crusher, the story of the company is interwoven with the story of the Adami family; the first business initiative dates back to 1968 with the founding of a company specialised in excavation and earth moving by the father, Luciano.

“Today we operate throughout the Veneto region – underlines his son, Massimiliano Adami – and we are diversifying our activity. This is why we have chosen to work with MB crusher buckets: this equipment allows us to have an advantage over our direct competitors, allowing us to acquire more profitable work. On-site crushing in fact presents considerable advantages for our clients who do not have to face the costs of handling demolished materials, in addition to those of disposal. Thus, as well as recognising added value in our work, they also obtain an overall increase in savings compared to that which they would have achieved with traditional systems”.

As well as excavations and demolitions, General Scavi also operates in the industrial sector “In particular – explains Massimiliano – we have had excellent results in the reduction in volume of glass bottles and containers, an operation which has allowed us to recuperate and exploit the crushed material as much as possible, as well as avoiding spillage of the liquid from the containers themselves”.

 Directly from the worksite, Massimiliano’s brother Matteo explains to us the reasons why General Scavi e Trasporti trust MB Crusher equipment. “Before purchasing the BF 70.2 in 2009, we had been using a BF 90.3 crusher bucket for some time. When we passed from excavators with caterpillar tracks to those with tyres, we purchased the MB crusher bucket best suited to this type of machine, the BF 70.2. Nothing has changed with regards to robustness and productivity; from this point of view the evidence can be seen clearly on the work-site, the BF 70.2 has been working for us for 7 years and, with the normal wear from this type of work, it is still completely reliable”.

“Like all the MB crusher buckets – continues Matteo – the BF 70.2 is a particularly compact and productive piece of equipment. We really put the resistance of this crusher bucket (currently working on a PW180 Komatsu excavator) to the test on the work-site, crushing blocks of particularly resistant cement. On the work-site we also crush mixed materials of a smaller size, with percentages of earth which are in some cases quite high; but even in these situations productivity is more than satisfactory and the bucket does not get “clogged” thanks to the particular geometry of the jaws, a very important characteristic of the MB machines”.

The BF 70.2 has now become part of the fourth generation of MB Crusher buckets. In its latest version, the BF 70.2 is even more productive, thanks to a functional restyling of the structure, and is more resistant, above all in the most extreme working conditions. Furthermore, the increase in options for regulation of the size of output material and a new integrated greasing system render it more functional and operational.

Suitable for machines with an operative weight of over 14 tons, the BF 70.2 S4 weighs 2.30 tons and has a load capacity of 0.66 cubic metres. Very easy to install, it works with an oil capacity of 140 litres per minute, pressures of 220 bar and counter-pressures of 10 bar.



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