Comanganês to invest US $17m in Angola’s Cassala Kitungo mine


Comanganês is looking to invest US $17m in the Cassala Kitungo mine located in Angola’s Kwanza Norte province.

The company’s Managing Director Miguel Neto said that the concession’s potential is yet to be fully determined and that initially iron ore would be extracted and, later, derivative products, in the concession that covers an area of 7,750 square kilometres.

A total of 17 proposals were announced back in 19th December 2019 after proposals were opened for the first international tender for mining right for exploration of diamonds, iron ore and phosphates.

According to local media reports, the numbers show that seven proposals were focused on phosphate mining in Cácata, in Cabinda province, which has an area of 21,16 square kilometres, as well as Lucunga, in Zaire province, an area of 171 square kilometres, for which three proposals were received.

The proposals, which are from competitors from Angola, Australia, Switzerland and the United States, were presented via email to the Ministry for Mineral Resources and Oil by Wednesday, 18 December.

The chairman of the tender’s Assessment Commission Mankenda Ambroise, when opening the proposals, said the aim was to grant the mining rights to the successful proposals on 24 April 2020.


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