Clariant Oil Services launches D3 PROGRAM to support carbon reduction and sustainability in the oil industry


Clariant Oil Services, a leading provider of chemical solutions, has launched the to introduce more sustainable solutions to the oil and gas industry. The initiative leverages advances in the oilfield and helps operators reduce carbon emissions and enhance safe operations, while avoiding disruptions to ongoing operations.

D3 is comprised of three key pillars. Decarb utilizes nanotechnology and ingredients from renewable sources to reduce carbon emissions in customers’ operations; Densify facilitates logistics improvements and furthers sustainability initiatives through a new application with concentrated products; and Detox incorporates formulations with more environmentally acceptable raw materials.

“The oil and gas industry has taken enormous strides to accelerate sustainable development. In response to mounting environmental regulations around the world, we are collaborating with customers to proactively introduce more environmentally friendly solutions and applications to their portfolio,” said Jonathan Wylde, Global Head of Innovation at Clariant Oil Services. “As the energy landscape barrels ahead to meet world energy demands, we are nimbly satisfying customer needs, as they provide critical natural resources and reduce their carbon footprint.”

Key benefits of the program include simplifying logistics for both transportation and storage, introducing concentrated ingredients that require smaller dosage in the application, optimizing onshore and offshore operations, introducing more environmentally acceptable formulations, and improving operational safety.

Clariant Oil Services’ D3 PROGRAM is a global initiative featuring an exceptional range of proven Clariant products, including:

  • FOAMTREAT WET: Eliminates foaming during the primary treatment stage while reducing the carbon footprint;
  • PHASETREAT WET: Provides a more efficient separation of oil and water; and,
  • WAXTREAT SZ: Inhibits the precipitation of paraffin, ensuring optimum oil flow.

To learn about the D3 PROGRAM and Clariant Oil Service’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the oil industry, visit here.

Please visit Clariant’s booth at upcoming trade events to learn more about D3 PROGRAM:


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