Chinese companies over fraudulent exploitation of minerals in DRC

South Africa’s mining production falls by 8.4% in July

Six Chinese companies have been accused over fraudulent exploitation of minerals in the Democratic Republic by the Provincial Assembly of South Kivu.

The accusations follows a recent request by Governor Théo Ngwabidje for a detailed investigation in public appeal against illicit mining conducted by these Chinese firms. According to the report, there are six Chinese companies affected by the provincial decree and their partner cooperatives.

The descent on the ground was marked by hearings of different parties in the territory of Mwenga and in the city of Bukavu. It emerges from this report that mining fraud is carried out on a large scale due to a lack of traceability and that the agreements signed between Chinese companies and the local community are not respected to be called specifications.

Investigative measures 

The mission led by the elected representative of Mwenga Blandine Moza Kalafula was motivated to investigate on the basis of the various reports as well as the allegations of the population of Mwenga in connection with the illegal exploitation of minerals in their territory.

In August, Governor of the Province signed a decree suspending the mining activities of certain mining companies and their partner cooperatives at work in the territory of Mwenga. The investigation aimed at examining the damage caused by the illegal exploitation of minerals by Chinese companies in the territory of Mwenga.

The plenary on Friday, November 5 chaired by the president of the Provincial Assembly, Zacharie Lwamira made several recommendations in addition to that relating to an inquiry by the Provincial Authority. In the process, the Provincial Assembly also made the recommendation to request for intervention of the Senate to summon the national minister of defense and that of mines to justify the presence of the FARDC soldiers in the mining sites in Mwenga as well as the presence mining companies that are not in order with the government. It was also recommended to ensure the traceability of minerals in the territory of Mwenga in particular and the province of South Kivu in general.


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