BLT WORLD’s Airscrape solutions for efficient control of dust and spills in conveyor systems, even for moist and sticky substances

A conveyor system before and after Airscrape handling a moist and sticky substance
A conveyor system before and after Airscrape handling a moist and sticky substance 

The dream of every plant operator is to eliminate dust and spills on belts and transfers and to minimise maintenance requirements of the conveyor system. An added bonus is to be able to cope efficiently with the challenges of moist and sticky materials.

BLT WORLD’s contact-free Airscrape® conveyor belt skirting system, developed by Scrapetec, has been designed to do just that. This highly-efficient system prevents dust formation, reduces material spill, enables thorough belt-cleaning and minimises the risk of explosion at critical sections along the conveyor route and at transfer points. An important advantage is that this system – unlike conventional systems – is also proven to work perfectly well with moist and sticky materials.

AirScrape is a highly-effective side seal that lies over the conveyor belt, without contact, and creates negative pressure on the belt, due to its specially-designed lamella structure. Because this system hovers freely above the conveyor belt, skirt friction and belt damage is eliminated and service life of every component of the conveyor is extended.

Airscrape has solved the problems of “moist and sticky” conditions in many industries. A perfect example of this system’s success, can be seen at a processing plant which specialises in processing slag and ashes from waste incineration plants into usable raw materials.

“Prior to the installation of Airscrape at the plant, the team had to spend hours each day, cleaning the belt periphery and all transfer points, from unplanned material spills,” explains Ken Mouritzen, Managing Director, BLT WORLD. “The operations manager had previously tried various methods to cope with annoying material spills in the plant’s moist and sticky environment, without success. Airscrape’s six-week trial operation period showed that although cleaning at critical points is necessary once a week, 90% of time previously spent cleaning, is now available for productive work at the plant.

“The plant’s solutions for processing slag and ashes from waste incineration plants into usable raw materials, involves recovering all metal components from what remains after incineration using a special ADR process. Marketable mineral recycling fractions are then produced from residual ashes, which can be used as aggregates in the non-structural concrete products industry.

“The fact that it is possible, through ADR technology, to process ashes with a high moisture content directly from incineration, is a real advantage for metal recovery, but more of a curse for further processing of the remaining minerals into mineral aggregates. Nevertheless, this process is important, because on average, ashes contain about 80% stone, glass and ceramic contents.

“The Airscrape system – which was installed over four months ago – has exceeded customer expectations. This system works efficiently, even with difficult materials and significantly reduces material spills on belts and transfers, which previously caused concern at the plant.”

Other Scrapetec products – Dustscrape, Tailscrape and Speedscrape – which encompass the latest technology, are virtually maintenance-free, extend the service life of conveyor belts and reduce cleaning requirements of the entire conveyor system. Apart from cost-efficient operation, these products also contribute to occupational safety, environmental protection and safety, by minimising dust generation and contamination.

BLT WORLD specialists provide an assessment and solutions service to customers in diverse sectors, for planning and implementing projects. A technical advisory and support service enhance performance of every system.


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