BEKA Schréder has supplied the lighting solution for Galvatech’s Galvanising Plant.


 ​​​​​​​Galvatech (Pty) Ltd is centrally located in Bellville South Industrial, in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. They specialise in corrosion protection and offer a wide array of services in the industry. BEKA Schréder has supplied the LED lighting solution for their newly constructed Galvanising Plant.


The ECOBAY was chosen to illuminate the inside of the plant, which is the ideal luminaire for lighting industrial facilities to optimise light levels and return of investment. This South-African designed and manufactured luminaire delivers the best solution for lowbay and highbay applications. The ECOBAY has a visually pleasing round or square PCB, and an optional additional skirt that can complement any application.

The ECOBAY offers substantial energy savings, high performance and is able to operate at high ambient temperatures. Available with a selection of lumen packages and various light distributions, the ECOBAY is perfectly suited for multiple indoor lighting applications. Thanks to its reliable performance, low dust accumulation and no need for relamping and regular maintenance, the ECOBAY is the luminaire of choice.


The OMNIBLAST-1-E MIDI provides area lighting outside the building. The locally manufactured OMNIBLAST-E, which boasts a 5-year warranty (terms and conditions apply), is the ideal tool for applications that require a lighting solution with the highest efficiency and flexibility to adapt to the different lighting needs.

Available in a MIDI and MAXI variant, this LED solution offers an alternative with proven benefits for traditional fixtures fitted with 400W to 2000W HID lamps. The OMNIBLAST-E meets various lighting applications, ranging from general area lighting to recreational sports lighting up to professional broadcasting requirements, matching the horizontal and vertical lighting levels respectively. A modular concept of optical units means that 1, 2 or 3 modules can be mounted on a similar bracket arrangement to offer the utmost versatility, providing light distributions and lumen packages perfectly adapted to the specifications of the area to be lit.

BEKA Schréder develops and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting products in South Africa, designed and suitable for local conditions.

We are very proud to be associated with EMG Group in providing a successful LED lighting solution for this project.


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