BAMIN empowers female entrepreneurship through the initiative “They Can Do More” within communities

BAMIN empowers female entrepreneurship through the initiative They Can Do More within communities

BAMIN carried out technical consultations with entrepreneurs served through the project “They Can Do More” (“Elas Podem Mais”), in the communities of Sambaituba and Castelo Novo, localities of the city of Ilhéus, in August. 

The initiative “They Can Do More”, established by BAMIN in collaboration with the Institute of Sustainability (ISUS), commenced in October 2021. Its objective is to enhance the entrepreneurial drive of women in the Porto Sul vicinity, linking them to the business prospects that emerge alongside the establishment of the enterprise. Through personalised technical advice, the programme seeks to train these women in the management and operation of their businesses, promoting local development and income generation.

Initiated in March 2023, Class 2 of the programme currently serves 19 women living in ten different communities near Porto Sul. These entrepreneurs receive continuous technical advice, prioritising face-to-face meetings in their own establishments. The activities are designed to develop and strengthen various dimensions of entrepreneurship, such as customer service, partnerships with companies, promotional actions and presence in social networks, among others. “Besides qualifying entrepreneurs and promoting income generation within communities, “They Can Do More” also fosters female empowerment, transforming homemakers into business managers” analyses BAMIN’s community relationship coordinator, Ramon Chalhoub.

One of the oldest entrepreneurs among the programme’s mentees, Geane Vieira dos Santos, shared her journey of growth thanks to the programme. “I started at “They Can Do More” by attending meetings and workshops. After working as a cook in a bar, a month ago I opened my own business”, says the entrepreneur of the Castelo Novo community.

Gillian Davidson, ERG’s Sustainability Advisor, said, “This is a fantastic initiative which is having a really positive impact across the ten communities near Porto Sul. Developing the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of women is a huge part of female empowerment. The ongoing advice provided and the individual, targeted meetings these women attend is helping support their personal and professional development, and I look forward to seeing the women continuing to benefit from this initiative.”


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