Automated stockpile monitoring from 3D Laser Mapping

A view of the software, above, shows how two stockpiles look within the software. A heat map shows the total volumes of this material, along with the date and time of the scan, and the volume and tonnage of the material.


Automation across the mining sector is beginning to take off, and we’re seeing technology contribute to safer, smarter, and more profitable mining. Matthew Bester from Gauteng based 3D Laser Mapping talks about the merits of using LiDAR scanning to instantly measure and calculate stockpile volumes.

The newly launched Site Monitor + Volumes package has been built following rigorous research and development into how laser scanning technology can make it easier for any business who stockpiles products and aggregates, but find the method of collecting the volumes, or the time spent analysing it too time consuming, and quite often, unsafe.

SiteMonitor + Volumes, along with berm and slope monitoring, helps sites to manage stockpiles by using a laser scanner to calculate the total mass. Complementary software provides times series automated calculations to improve the safety and accuracy of surveys.

Alongside stockpile volume analysis, the 3D Laser Mapping team have developed a suite of monitoring products to help mines to meet their safety requirements whilst working efficiently to maximise production.

Berms can now be monitored in real time, alerting site managers to any areas where the height doesn’t meet minimum requirements. Likewise, slopes are an area where the safety of employees and machinery are often at risk. LiDAR based monitoring can now detect slope instability and predict areas of possible collapse or rockfall.



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