Atlas Copco’s NGPs 2-9 PSA range of Nitrogen Generators sets new quality and efficiency standards in on-site nitrogen generation


Atlas Copco Compressor Technique extends its existing and proven NGP nitrogen generator range with the introduction of the NGPs 2-9 PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) range of generators. This latest quality air innovation from the global industrial solutions specialist is designed and engineered to meet diverse nitrogen applications across a wide spectrum of industries.

Dean Adriaanse, Product Manager at Atlas Copco Compressor Technique, remarks on the significance of the NGPs 2-9 PSA range: “The introduction of this next-generation nitrogen generator, which delivers superior air purities of between 95 – 99.999%, fills the gap below our existing offering. We are now able to offer users nitrogen flows between 2-9 Nm³/hour which was not previously covered by the NGP8-130+ range. This expansion ensures that we continue to meet the transformatory needs of our customers while upholding our commitment to excellence.”

With a strong focus on air purity, performance, versatility, reliability, and cost-efficiency, Atlas Copco’s new NGPs 2-9 PSA range is packed with advanced features that deliver value adding benefits for users. Before unpacking the machine’s capabilities, Adriaanse shares the many advantages of on-site nitrogen generation. “Rated fourth after gas, electricity and water, nitrogen is an integral part of production processes in countless industries who are dependent on reliable supply and consistent high gas purity.”

To demonstrate the true added value of on-site nitrogen generation, Adriaanse draws a comparison between investing in a nitrogen generator versus buying or leasing pressurised cylinders of liquid nitrogen. “Bulky nitrogen containers must be transported (CO² emissions), handled (safety risk), stored (space) and administered (resources) with costs linked to each logistical stage. Moreover, potential challenges such as stock shortages, supply and transport issues can disrupt production with costly outcomes.”

“By installing a nitrogen generator on site, users can eliminate all these headaches, hazards and costs and simply reap the benefits of having a constant and seamless supply of nitrogen that will never run out, at guaranteed high purity levels,” affirms Adriaanse. “The NGPs 2-9 PSA range has been designed for continuous duty and uninterrupted operation, empowering users to control their nitrogen supply with confidence.”

Adriaanse also points out that the unit cost of nitrogen gas is significantly lower compared to gas cylinders and that there is no wasted gas, thus adding even more to the bottom line. “Coupled with best-in-class air/energy consumption and high air purity levels, these generators deliver uncompromising efficiency.”

Designed for seamless integration into existing compressed air networks, the user-friendly, plug-and-play   NGPs 2-9 PSA range is ready to use without the need for costly installations. Featuring a small environmental footprint and quiet operation, the compact machine can operate on the production floor. An advanced controller with remote monitoring capabilities streamlines operation.

Delivering low operational and ownership costs, reliability, efficiency, unparalleled air purity and safety, on-site nitrogen generation is a sound investment in optimising production processes and future-proofing operations in industries such as oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and waste water treatment. The NGPs 2-9 PSA range caters to a wide selection of applications, including microbreweries, 3D printing, laboratories, Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) for food, chemical blanketing, heat treatment, laser cutting, electronics recycling, battery production/recycling, soldering, as well as wire/cable production.

Atlas Copco is plugged into dynamic and constantly evolving markets and remains resolute in its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that sustainably drive efficiencies and cost effective outcomes for customers.  The NGPs 2-9 PSA nitrogen generator range represents a milestone in innovation, empowering businesses to unlock new levels of efficiency and sustainable productivity.


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