Atlas Copco’s innovative new HiLight S2+ Solar-powered light tower scores four zeros!

The new ultra efficient solar powered HiLight S2+ LED light tower from Atlas Copco

The new cutting-edge, ultra-efficient HiLight S2+ LED light tower from Atlas Copco uses solar radiation as an energy source to deliver optimum performance and 2 000 m2 light coverage.

“The fact that the HiLight S2+ is powered by a renewable energy source, i.e. the sun, not only means zero noise, zero fuel consumption and zero emissions, but also zero use of the planet’s finite resources while operating,” notes David Stanford, Atlas Copco Power Technique’s Business Line Manager, Portable Products. He adds that this HiLight light tower enables users to sustainably comply with noise and carbon emission regulations.

Owing to the light tower’s ergonomic and user-friendly design, the unit can be quickly and easily set up for operation. The extendible solar panels are simply pulled out from the pop-up canopy and adjusted to best align with the sun’s position.

The S2+ unit’s batteries can also be recharged using solar energy which takes approximately eight hours. Using an external power source, batteries can be recharged in only three hours. “Our highly flexible solar light tower provides autonomous operation of up to eleven hours at 100% operation,” confirms Stanford, “And in the event that energy demand exceeds solar yield, operators have the choice of charging the light tower with any external power grid.”  An external control panel and dimming function further increase autonomy efficiency.

The purpose of a light tower is of course to provide light to enable workers to continue working after sunset. So, in addition to addressing the efficiency and environmental narratives, the high performance S2+, most importantly, provides excellent visibility, ensuring a bright, safe and productive work environment after sunset or in gloomy conditions.

This is thanks to Atlas Copco’s innovative LED technology. The lenses in Atlas Copco’s LED complete light tower range feature a very special optic designed specifically for construction and mining applications. Owing to this innovative, fully directional LED lens design, Atlas Copco engineers have maximised the light coverage while reducing ‘lighting waste’. “The LED’s boast a lifespan of 50 000 hours which delivers further savings in terms of reduced replacement costs and maintenance requirements, with subsequent maximised uptime and productivity as a result,” adds Stanford.

The HiLight S2+ also features Atlas Copco’s globally renowned robust build quality and compact size, making it easy to transport the unit between sites as well as moving it around the job site. In addition, the low maintenance light tower seamlessly performs at temperatures ranging from -5°C to +50°C and can operate reliably at high altitude without derating, making it particularly suitable for remote work sites. Stanford sums up: “The dynamic S2+ ticks the efficiency, high performance, visibility, flexibility, and safety boxes. We therefore highly recommend this LED light tower for end users and rental companies operating in the construction, mining and oil & gas space. It is also particularly suited to noise-sensitive applications including events and construction work in urban areas,” he concludes.


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