Angola establishes new model of governance for their mining sector


Angola has established a new model of governance for their mining sector; the National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM) and the diamond exchange, as announced by the Minister of Mineral Resources and Oil earlier on in the week.

He further added that the government wants to make the approval of investments in the sector quicker, to bring more transparency and make investors feel more comfortable. Moreover, the Minister explained that studies are currently being finalised for the possible introduction of a new model. These, he asserted, are going according to plan, without creating instability, in the same way as has already been done in the oil sector.

Angola is a regular participant in the annual Indaba Mining event. The event, which came to a close this Wednesday, run under the motto “Optimise growth and investment in the mining economy”.

Among the dignitaries in attendance were Julius Maada and Félix Tshisekedi the Presidents of Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo, respectively. The event hosted approximately 900 government participants, including 39 ministers and well over 600 investors.

According to media reports, Angola is attended with nine companies, namely, the mining companies of Catoca, Cuango Chitotolo, Furi, Yetwene, Somiluana, Muapi and daiamond marketing company Sodiam, grouped in the “Angola Diamond Potential” stand.


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