ALA Mining launches first Hybrid Token fully pegged to LBMA Gold

ALA Mining launches first Hybrid Token fully pegged to LBMA Gold

ALA Mining company has launched the first Hybrid Token fully pegged to LBMA Gold a way for investors to protect their wealth.

The dubbed QAM Token is cryptocurrency which is backed by the physically mined gold from the company’s gold-rich plains of Guinea. It is a Hybrid Token, a deflationary stable coin, built on the BSC network, using the BEP20 standard. It is 100% backed by gold, stored in proven reserves, owned and operated by the company.

Each token represents 1 gram of gold from the ALA Mining reserves under exploration. As the gold will be extracted from the mines, it will be stored in the company’s secured Brinks Vaults in Dubai. From the company’s revenue and operations, the value of the token will increase, and the passive income of the holders will grow.

The token will be tradable against traditional gold products, will have no interest mechanism, but will have a profit and loss sharing program, which will be part of the incentive system. Also, it is redeemable to physical gold.

The holders will be able to have at the same time a minimum guaranteed level of their investment – the gold price and the opportunity to increase their investment from cryptocurrency trading. QAM Token Gold Certificate is convertible into a range of ALA Mining products, such as LBMA London Good Delivery (LGD) bars, and will offer diversification and hedging against market volatility at a superior credit quality, avoiding costly conversions between fiat and crypto.

QAM Token algorithm is designed in such a manner that its minimum price will never drop below the gold price established by LBMA in real time. Independent international third parties will periodically audit the quantity of the gold the company owns.

QAM Token pre-sale is ongoing and ends on the 30th of April 2022. 100 million QAM Tokens have been set aside for investors. An investor can purchase a minimum of 10 QAM Tokens. Acceptable cryptocurrencies are ETH, BTC, and BNB.

About ALA Mining

ALA Mining owns two exploitation licenses totaling 198.66 square kilometers of gold-rich areas in Guinea, and intends to purchase two more fields. Guinea is the third largest gold producer in Africa and the 18th globally.

ALA Mining will operate a proprietary algorithm to guarantee price stability, to preserve value, and to maintain a minimum price that tracks the secondary market of each gram of gold. Uniting the experience over the years of gold and diamonds mining, the company will offer a stable investing strategy by combining cryptocurrencies with stable gold growth. It will transform traditional mining into space mining.


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